via Daily Prompt: Tart  is not how I like my food at all cause I am more of a person that has a sweet tooth that no one would believe.  I am not the type of person that wants to make a face after I have eaten something that I might be craving for.  I like to hear myself say how delicious the food was instead of making a face cause the tartness gets to my stomach which makes it feel like I am ready to throw up.  I know that there a lot of people that love to eat tart stuff ,but honestly I am not one of those people.

Tartness reminds me just how much I don’t like lemons in my ice tea or limes in any thing that crosses my lips.   I know that a lot of people use those two fruits to season or taste different types of dishes ,but I when I am trying those dishes for the first time please please tell me after I take a bite.  I want to be able to give the person an honest opinion of what I am eating and if I know either of those are in there,  just lets say I would be the first to say thanks ,but no thanks to the dishes.

When the tartness passes over my lips and taste buds, I want to spite the food out of my mouth as if to say totally yuck.  I am adult ,so I guess that means I will have to pass it on down to the stomach which will start to protest that it is down there.    My stomach would be doing a tap dance that I would soon not forget or anyone around me.  I don’t suffer alone cause I make sure that someone around me knows just how I feel.

The taste of tartness would start with me making a face that would have everyone watching laughing until their sides hurt.  Then the taste would hit my throat which would protest by saying no way was that taste passing on downward.  I would start to feel sick to my stomach even before it got to the stomach.   Needless, to say that when it hit the stomach I would have to see just how fast I could run to the bathroom to sit on the toilet with my head hang over the tub.

Tartness is not one of my favorite taste and it probably never will be.  I know there are people out there that have craves for it ,but I am not one of those people.   I am not a drinker ,but I have also been told that there is alcohol drink that takes both of those fruits which would not be one of my favorite drinks.   I hope that I am not making anyone angry with my comments or articles because that is not my intention.   I am glad that someone in this world like the taste of tartness because it is only fair that everything is tried at least once by everyone.


via Daily Prompt: Realize what is missing in your life is an important part of being a grown up Christian.   Just known that something is missing in your life is the first step to getting to know God Almighty and let Him take control of your life.

I would be at work and walking down the hallways, I would hear someone calling my name. I would turn and no one would be there for me to talk to.  I would shake my head as if to shake the cobwebs off the old brain and continue on my way.   Walking a few steps before I would hear my name once again and about this time is when it dawned on me that just maybe it was someone human that was calling my name.

I hear my name again and this time I said “Yes Lord what do you want?”   I would stand there as peace rushed over me and I had never felt that calm, that peaceful before.  It was like everyone was my friend and nothing could go wrong the rest of the day.  I felt at peace with myself and others.  Instead, of walking down the halls at work like a old grouch that no one seemed to please me.  I had a smile on my face and a song in my heart.  I went up to people to tell them to have a nice day.  They would just smile back and somehow that seemed to please me.

Another thing that I realize was that when God blessed me not to let the blessing stop there.  To take part of that blessing and bless someone else.  To make their life a little easier, to give them a reason to smile and wish people to have a nice day.  Blessings is like a cycle that no one wants to stop which starts with God blessing one of His Children and that child blessing the person that God points out to them.  Blessings is a cycle that never seems to end and that is the way that everyone involved in the blessing cycle wants it.  Just remember that God wants us to follow in His footsteps and when God blesses us than we bless someone else is following in God’s footsteps.

Another way to please God is to give Him ten percent of any money that you get.  For example:  Your paycheck is four hundred dollars ,so how much do you give to God Almighty?   Does forty dollars sound like a good game plan to keep blessings, miracles, and God Almighty in your life?  Does forty dollars sound like a good game plan to have protection from God Almighty, to have Him straighten out your crooked path of life, to be there with you always helping you overcome your fears and to face whatever comes your way?

I think forty dollars is too low of a prices for all the promise that God Almighty has to offer us which includes His love, peace, joy, and eternal life.

via Daily Prompt: Careful is just a simple word that people use in their daily language that can talk volumes.  For instance: you know a girl that is going on a blind date with a total stranger for the first time.  What thought comes to your mind in a flash?  For her to be careful of the guy that is going out for the first time.  It could be a  Pastor, a teacher, or a singer ,but that is not what is on the top of your list.  It is the latest crime of murder, rape, or kidnapping that happen seven states over.  This guy could be harmless and a perfect gentleman.  What do you want to do is take his picture from several different sides, a picture of the car she will traveling in, and the most important thing which is a picture of the license plates of the car.   What is on the top of your mind is the latest attack by a serial killer (which I can’t blame you since I am the same way.)

What ever happen to giving a second (not to say anything about a first chance) chance to show who exactly he is and how he can treat your daughter with loving respect.  Pastor always preach from the altar that we should treat other people with respect and show them God’s love.  I would just like to know what ever happen to start this way of life that we tell our children to be careful of strangers.  I know what strangers can do without a second thought to their victims to claim later in court that they were either drunk or high on pills.  They get off scotch free almost since they didn’t know what they were doing and we should feel sorry for them rotting away their life in prison.  I would like to ask them why we should feel sorry for them because we are footing the bill for them to live rent free and give them food to eat.  I know I sound like a very mean person ,but I would like to know why should they just sit around all day and building their muscles.  Why not get them out working like days in the past?

To be careful is the first words that I utter when my grandson goes out the door to play with his friends out of my sight.  I love for him to veg it on the couch watching “you tube” or “playing video games” just due to the fact that I know he is safe when I can see him.  I also know that it doesn’t make too much sense to think that way as I pray that God Almighty will keep him safe and sound from the evils of this world. Amen!   I pray that God Almighty will keep him safe and help him to be careful around people that he doesn’t know because evil comes in all shades of color on this old world.  Amen and Amen!

via Daily Prompt: Border has been in the news a lot by the illegal aliens crossing the border trying to get to the land of the free and maybe where the streets are paved in gold.  Or have you ever thought maybe they just want to get away from the law because I hear the Mexican jails are pure hell.  Or maybe they just want to go to nearest church to ask for help?

I guess what I am trying to say is that a lot of people do things for many reasons and some of those reasons don’t exactly make sense to us.  Like crossing the border to get to the land of the free and streets of gold.  How many of us have heard stories about how a certain place was going to look and when we finally got there, it didn’t look anything like how someone had describe it to you.  We were let down and confused why someone would tell us lies about the place.   I know a lot of people are going to leave me comment about excuses ,but here goes anyway.  How many of the aliens have heard stories about the great old United States, that people can do anything they want, and the streets are paved in gold?  Well, I think the last one is stretching the imagination a lot ,but wouldn’t you want to hope that there was actually a place that you could do anything you wanted?

Just think about as if you were an alien that has lived in Mexico all your life and heard stories about how great the United States ?   Your life is hard and you hear about how rich the people are in land that all you have to do is get across that border.and your life will instantly become rich.  Have you looked at the older people faces as they are caught coming across the border and their dreams are dashed, their hopes are getting farther away with every step they take.   They are probably thinking about how close they are to being rich and how they can smell the wealth.  The mind can do many sneaky things as a person see what they have hoped and dreamed for many years dashed within seconds.

I know it isn’t the same ,but when I was little my parents took the family to a resort that you can stay in individual homes only a short distance from Wisconsin Dells.  I love it there because the scenic views were beyond what I had ever seen on God’s green Earth before that.   I was only ten and couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.  I also made a lot of friends and for the next two weeks we went from house to house to play within the secluded little resort of house.   About a year ago, I had the chance to go back to the resort.  The house were in manageable conditions which means they were kept up to mininium standard of the law and nothing more.  To make a long story short, my hopes and dreams about the place was totally dashed when we came into sight of the place.  I let that feeling overtake me and it totally ruined the whole experience.

I sometime wonder if that is how some of those illegal aliens feel when they are caught crossing the border illegal?  I wonder if they had crossed into the United States and saw how some of the people were crazy and stealing from others, would they have felt like they were at home once again?   I know that to cross the border there has to things they have to do and papers that they have to show.   Maybe, they can’t get everything around which is the start of the letdown and the rest comes when they are caught coming across illegal plus hearing the words of being sent back to Mexico.

I would just like people to think twice about the illegal aliens that have crossed the border to the United States and why they are doing it?  Is their life ,so bad in Mexico and the United States looks ,so much better?

via Daily Prompt: Panic runs deep when everyone is against you and there is no one to listen to your side of the disagreement.  You want to tell everyone what you had said or what you had done ,but would anyone listen.  No, they are busy listening and agreeing with the other person that you had said what she was saying.  They give you this look like “Will you please say you are sorry?”

You know that you aren’t about to say how sorry you aren’t feeling.  You aren’t sorry in the least and you would probably say once again to the lying cheat.  Your feelings are hurt ,but just how many of your friends are patting her on the back to say that they are sorry for what was said and giving you a mean look.

Panic runs deep when everyone is against you in a word fight.  How many of my readers have lived through a situation like this just to finally get the knowledge when the truth comes out in the end?   How do you feel?  What do you want to do?

I don’t know about anyone else ,but when the truth comes out in the end I want to scream for joy and to jump as high as I can.  I love to know that everyone is going to come crawling back to my side of the disagreement and tell me how sorry they exactly are.  I also know and probably will accept even the ones that seem to walk up to me as nothing happens.  To start talking to me as if the minute or ten minutes that the ugly word fight took never existed in the first place.  People, whether strangers or friends are odd and never seem to remember their manners when they are in the wrong.  When they are in the right, they seem to be in there excited that everyone comes crawling to them and that is when they seem to remember the Golden Rule which means to even accept the ones who say nothing about the word fight.   I especially love those people when it is my turn to say “I am sorry” cause it will never happen.  If they didn’t show the “olive branch” ,so to speak when it was their turn.  They had better know without any doubt that when it is my turn to show the “olive branch”, it ain’t happening!

The Golden Rule is to treat other people like you would want them to treat you in this situation.  I still stand by the fact that if they said they were sorry when it was their turn, I will say I am sorry when I am in the wrong.    I believe that with my whole heart that God would give me a brownie point when I say just how sorry I am when they didn’t.  I want to shout up to Heaven to tell God that the brownie point better be a big one for me to say how sorry I am.

Panic runs deep in my soul ,but pleasing God runs even deeper!!

via Daily Prompt: Jump to my rhythm that only beats in my own heart and mind.  No one else can hear the rhythm that I can only hear and walk to.  The rhythm that I hear in my head is probably different from the one that everyone and anyone else hears in their head.  I walk to a beat that reminds me of my dear mother saying “Pick up one foot and put the other down is the way to go down the path that God wants you.”   I hear a small voice that seems to echo “Pick up one before putting the other down.”

I love my mother very much and miss her dearly.  She was the boss in the apron strings that even my dear dad would listen to  and when her kids came up to her when she was singing, we knew to get out of there fast.   She was a terrific cook that a lot of her fabulous recipes went to the grave with her and I would give anything to know them.  I miss them just as much as I miss seeing her every day.   She was the typical mother that could kill you with one look and she could give you a whole lecture with just one look that would say “You just wait till your dad gets home.”

I can never remember getting spanked for anything I did at home or at school.  I can remember trying to push the buttons to see how far I could get away with.  Which at some times was never much cause she seemed to know when I sneezed wrong.  That woman seemed to know everything that all of her kids did, good or bad.  I love that woman with all my heart and some times I would swear that she had super powers that allowed her to see what we were up to.  I think she had it pegged “Super Power Mother”  can see all and hear all that her kids are doing.

My mother was half German and half American which means that she claimed to be the best part of herself.  I will stop at that and let you guess whether she was happy to be half German or half American.   She worked a full time job until the company went out of business and then she stayed home for a while until she got bored having nothing to do.  She was an active person that liked to keep busy working at a job ,so she went to work at a factory where one of her children worked.  She would work there for the next ten years in many different positions and riding back and forth with the child that worked at the same factory.

On Sunday, she was a faithful church person that loved to sit with her family to show that we came out on Sunday like she taught us too.  As she got older though, those Sundays that she attended would become far and few between just like any other elderly person that was starting to show signs of getting older.

I would jump through hoops just to be able to feel a hug from her protective arms and a kiss on my cheek once more from her loving lips.    I love my mother dearly and would jump to do anything to see her one more time.


via Daily Prompt: Radical way of thinking is something I have never been knowing for and I was the one that tried to melt into the background.  I was the one that wanted to agree with whatever plans someone else had plans for and I was not known as the leader of the group.  I always loved to be the last in line and the last to do anything which was fine with me.  Radical thinking was a strange process for me ,so when it was demanded of me to that way of thinking, I felt strange to say the least.   Radical thinking was going to be very important to me and someone very special to me helped me along the way.

Radical thinking about my Heavenly Father was intriguing to say the least.  I would my Heavenly Father first in my life and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would have to go through some stuff (test and trials) that would scare the dickens out of me.  I also knew that my Heavenly Father would be there to hold my hand and gently shove me in the right direction.  The direction that God, my Heavenly Father wanted me to go and He would show me which path HE wanted me to walk on.

That was a year ago and I have been through little stuff like God would knock me in the head when I would drop a candy wrapper or gum wrapper on the floor.  I would hear a voice calling my name and at first, I totally ignored it.  I thought I was hearing things or voices.  Soon, I learned where that voice was coming from and who was behind that voice which I have never ignored after that fateful day.   I was walking along and someone deep inside me yelled for me to stop walking.  I just kind of laughed it off and when all of sudden something hit me squarely in the head.  It was bird poop and I was ,so disguised.  Got my hair wash at the nearest salon and I was sitting there getting my hair dried,  I hear the same voice “Are you going to listen to me now?”   I knew I was in for a change with my thinking which I went from being a lazy thinker to a radical thinker.

My favorite verse is Mark 1:17  “Come follow me.” Jesus said, “and I will make you a fishers of men.”  Just to think that God is trusting me to spread His Word to whoever will listen.  It is awesome and some pretty radical thinking.  Just to think that when God bless me, he wants the blessing to keep on moving ,so when God bless me I have to find someone else to bless.   To make their life easier by opening a door, to be a listening ear and a welcome smile, God will show me who He wants me to bless and how to bless them.  God will be there for me supplying the means and the money to do whatever needs to be done.  Radical thinking is cool and awesome.