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via Daily Prompt: Minimal wages is a normal to think about when you are doing several different positions in your lifetime.  Jobs such as low entry position in nursing homes such as bed makers, laundry, housekeepers, and kitchen help.  Something that doesn’t require much of a physical or mental capacity.  I am not calling people that do minimal wage jobs stupid in any way since that is the type of jobs that I had much of my life, much of sixty plus years that I was gamefully employed in the employment section.  What I am saying is that these people do minimal or low entry jobs since (like me), they do not have any extra education or training that would help them to get better jobs.

Minimal wages is where people start to tighten their belts and live on the budget of ramon noodles.   Minimal wages should be for high schoolers or college bound people that still live with momma and daddy which the parents can help soften the fall when they realize that actually working for a paycheck is harder than they realized at first.  I always say to those complaining about their jobs “There is a job that is worse than yours.”  I will get these stares like I am a completely nut that is on the loose.  I will continue by saying “There is a job that you are outside in all types of weather and walking around with a heavy pack on your back.  Packs that are cumbersome and heavy to say the least.  Have you ever tried being a paper person in an ice storm where you have customer that still demand their papers at a  certain time.or how about having a route that your parents take you around in their car when all of a sudden, you get a flat tire.  How about having a customer standing in front of you telling you to do your job and get the paper there at a certain time.  They don’t care to hear your excuse about having a flat tire or the papers were late.  Yes, there are lots of customers that are caring and will listen to you.  There are also the customers that want their papers at a certain time and will start to yell at you when that time comes and goes.”

These are the minimal wage earners that think they are too good to earn money by being a paper person that works six or seven days a week out in all type usually without complaining about how much they hate their jobs.  They know deep with in themselves that they are a special bunch of people that do their job because they know that no one else will do it.  They take pride and making sure their customers are happy because God (and their managers) have pounded into their heads to do a good job.  They do a good job that they are not usually paid good to do.

What I am saying is that if the minimal wage people don’t like their jobs or want more money to do their job?  Then do something about it and get more education or training that will show you are willing to work harder to get more money.  Instead of sitting there crying that life is unfair and how much you need more for a lifestyle that you can’t afford in the first place.  Do something about it!!  Work harder for the money that you earn!!  Minimal wages are for people that don’t want to work a little harder or smarter to get advanced in the workplace.




via Daily Prompt: Jiggle the Elf loved to be center of attention and would always distract the other elves from their work.  Jiggle was the comic who made the elves laugh when they were suppose to be working hard on the truck line for Santa.  Jiggle who the know it all who tried to tell everyone what he though he knew ,but wasn’t all telling the story just exactly right.  Jiggle was  the one who showed the ladies elves just how athletic he was or tried to show them how many little trinkets that he could jump over.  What he did was land right in the middle of the trinkets and something usually ended up poking him in the butt with a sharp edge.   Jiggle was the elf that everyone mad fun of because he tried ,so hard to be everyone friend.  He wanted to be like by everyone and no one really wanted to be his friend simply for the reason that they would be made fun of also.

Tonic was the head elf that everyone looked up and tried to be like.  He had muscles that seemed to grow out of muscles and when he told the other elves what to do, everyone knew that he was always right on the mark with his knowledge.  If Tonic told them to knock a peg six times, the other elves knew that was the right amount to hit a peg before it would slid it’s way homeward.  Tonic would simply shake his head at Jiggle when he showing off for the ladies or the other elves as if to say why do you try ,so hard when you will be nothing like me.  The women adorn me and the men want to be me.

Tonic let Jiggle’s antic go on until the fateful day that he knocked Tonic over in front of Santa and Mrs. Claus.  He was trying his best to show how well the elves had been working and why the elves should have a few hours off before Jiggle came to the rescue of the boring day.  Jiggle was trying to stand on his hands for the lady that had caught his eyes named Lisa.  Lisa was sweet and always wanted to be in the back of the group.  Jiggle thought she was the most beautiful creature of the whole elf town.  On that fateful day, Jiggle was doing one of his miserable attempts to do a handstand when Tonic came in the door.  Up went Jiggle onto his hands an when his feet went up, well, let’s just say that his shoe didn’t stay on his foot,  It went up, up, and up then came spiral downward to land squarely in the chest area of Mrs. Claus.

Jiggle turned completely red from the tips of his toes to the red haired tops of his head.  He knew he was in trouble with Tonic just simply by the look that he received from him.  He knew that he was hot, hot water like no one else had ever been.  It was until the moment that Mrs.  Claus started to strutter “What was that?” and felt around until she pulled out a small black shoes with the name “Jiggle” written on the back of the shoe.  Jiggle wanted to hid until the moment that both Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus started to laugh that belly laugh they both had.

tvia Daily Prompt: Hideout was due west, Clara was sure of that and she knew that she would be safe once she got there.  Out of this blazing sun and into the cool interior of her lone cabin was all she could think of at this time.  The sun was beating down on her back as she urged the horse to go faster.  She would take her horse into the barn to rub him down when they got to the cabin and both would be out of sight of the men that were after her.

The men were mad at her for her trick and when she had done it, she knew people would not be happy with her.  She didn’t think they would hunt her down like a dog to hung from the nearest tree or to tie her to a tree to dying in the heat of the day.  She was scared to death on what they would actually do to her ,but she would hide the horse in his hiding spot in the barn.  She knew that wouldn’t know that they were only inches from where they were searching for her.    Still, she wanted to get to the cabin to secure them in their spots of safety and the men could search for them until they were tired.  She was sure that even if they torched her cabin that both of them would be safe.

A smile crossed her lips as she knew that she was going to safe when she got there.  Suddenly, a bullet sliced the bottom of her right ear ripping a nice cut into the depth of it and blood started to ooze onto her shirt.  Boy, this men sure meant business and they were doing anything to stop her from getting to safety.  Her little trick wasn’t working out like she thought it would and she admitted to herself that she couldn’t blame them from being mad at her.

She had came into town under the disguise of doing some shopping at the local store when she went behind the store to dress in her man’s outfit to rob the place.  She was going to pretend to rob the store ,so that her sleepy little town would have some excitement for once   The townspeople would be talking about the man that had rob the store in broad daylight and made off with the money.   That was the plan to make some headlines for her town that was always complaining nothing happened in their sleepy little town.  She had liked that about the town when she had first moved to this area.  Clara remembers getting excited about the plan and she would head straight back to the cabin to be rocking on the front porch when the men from the town came out looking for the robbers.

Somehow and somewhere, the plan had changed when the store owners wife had fired a rifle at her and barely missed her head.  She screamed which alerted them to the fact that she was a woman instead of man.  Getting no money, she had ran out of the store and jumped on her horse for the getaway.     Moments later, bullets were being fired at her to stop and as she road on, the bullets started to come closer to her body.   She was beginning to think that they might just mean to harm her or kill her.  She wasn’t sure which one they were going to do because she knew they meant to bring her back to town alive or dead, they didn’t care which one they got.


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Has anyone else have a certain friend that can’t or won’t understand the meaning of giving a person their personal space?  This so-called friend comes up close and personal just to say “Hi. How are you?  I am fine.”  I always feel like pushing that person back ,so I can actually see who I am talking to.

She will take a step back and after awhile somehow, I find her inching up to the close and personal space.  Like she isn’t comfortable talking from any other place that inches from your nose.  Some days, I am fine with in and will stand there having a nice, polite conservation with her about anything.  Other days, I want to scream at her “Back up now because you have crossed the line for my personal space and I don’t like anyone that close to me.  Not even my boyfriend right now.”   I never scream at her though cause I have my doubts that she would actually listen to what I am saying.  I think she is too d— close for my comfort and she should know when she cross the line.  What do my readers think about someone that is close enough to feel their breath on your check?

I love and respect my friend’s limits on personal space.  I try my hardest not to cross whatever line they have made for their personal space because I have that line which I like when people respect it.  I try to respect their line of personal space ,so when it is my personal space that they will think twice about it.  I know that is a long shot because there is people out in this life that simply don’t care how they offend people.  They will say anything that seems rude and do anything that they please, just to see if their friends will say anything to them.  They love to play the innocent act when it comes to be told that they crossed the line.  Those friends will give you this look like “I crossed what line?”

Specific space or personal space is just different ways to call the same thing.  They want to be treated with respect and trust because they have earned it.  They don’t want certain people close enough to give them a kiss when they are simply having a conservation about anything that they want to talk about.   I have always wondered why people have to be close enough that they look like they are kissing instead of talking?

My boyfriend respects my personal line and when he wants to kiss me, he will stop at that line as if to say “Is it ok to cross?”   I do the same thing for him and it is just plain old fashion thing called manners that some parents have taught their children.  Specific space can be a God sent thing when someone has an odor from work or it can be a pain in the butt when those people that don’t care come into your life.

via Daily Prompt: Fortune of my riches is only in my imagination that is only required in “my” world of reality.    “My” world of reality is something I look forward to and have imagined different ways that the world could go.  I could be as riches as the next President who could shopping at any store in any country that my heart desires.  I could set the next new trend that people would like just because I was seen wearing it even if it was very uncomfortable and ugly.  I could hear people saying “She is worth a big fortune and she was wearing it.  I am going to wear it just because of that.”    I could shop on all the main streets in New York City and not worry about the price or I could look for the little shop that no one knows is there hidden in a corner.  Turn a corner and there would be a magicial store that no one else knows exist.

Fortune is a nice thing to have ,but everyone has to remember that fortune are also meant to share with those in need. Why should the rich pay one hundred dollars for the rights to be seen in the newest trend of places to eat when someone else is standing only feet away from the window hungry because they hadn’t ate for days?   I know that it is their right since they have probably worked very hard for that money to pay the bill.    Sorry, to say that I am the type that would want to eat and pay for my food.  I am also the type that would want to feed the nearest hungry person.   I am the type that want to spread my fortune around to those people that God Almighty has shown me in need.

How does God show me that a certain person is in need of help from me?   Does a bright red arrow point right at them from Heaven as if to say “Help this person!”     God Almighty shows me deep inside my heart that when He blesses me, it would be a good thing for me to bless that person that hadn’t ate for days.  Or to help that family that can’t get toys for their children this Christmas.  In God’s eyes, fortune are meant to spread around since when He blesses me, the blesses don’t stop there because it should continue by blessing someone else.

Fortunes are something I dream about because that is the good side where everything works out for the person.  They can buy whatever new car, bigger house, or newest fashion trend they want to.  They can go out and spoil their children by buying the newest video game they want or the newest toy that their little heart desires.   Fortunes can also have a bad side where with bigger cars comes bigger payments for repairs plus gas to run it down the street.  Bigger houses also mean bigger taxes, repairs, and the monthly bills would go upward.    Buying newest fashion trend and spoiling the kids can get old fast as the fashion shopping would get old fast.  Shopping or should I say spoiling the kids would also get old as they would probably start to act up and demand more than you are willing to buy.

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via Culture — The Daily Post  to me means human beings and the only thing that really stand between us being totally brothers and sisters in God’s love is one thing.  God Almighty decided to play a prank on the human being race to see how we would handle this one prank.  Needless, to say the human being race failed it with blinking our eyes once or twice.  Now, do I have you totally confused?

The human being race is made up of two different sexes which are of course male and female. No major difference there and in fact sometimes those two sexes can be friends as well as soulmates and lovers.  There is no major prank from God Almighty there unless you want to talk about the dumb things that those two sexes do to get the other sex to notice them for the first time.   Instead, of going up to a female that a male likes, he will ask everyone to ask her what she thinks of him.  By the time, about twenty different people come up to this special female to see what she think of a certain male, she knows something is up.  She probably has guessed by the time the tenth person has come up to her that this certain male is the one who she has felt watching her every movement and asking everyone what she is doing.  Males are ,so predictable don’t you agree women?

Has anyone guessed the difference that God Almighty probably did as a prank to see how human being would handle it?

How about our personality, talents, and attitudes?  Those three just show how we are different ,but sorry to say it is not the prank.  God has decide to make all of us different in one way or another.  Some people are bullies and thugs while other people are loving and caring toward other people.   Some people are loner while other people want everyone’s attention on them at all times.   Some can do the lowliest job while other people go to school just to be able to boss people around that do the lowliest job around.    Some people want to drive some car that is big and flashy while others are happy just driving an old tradition car that gets them from point A to point B/

God Almighty played a prank on the culture called human being race and that is making us all different colors such as black, white, and brown.  There are many different colors that make up the people that live on this planet called Earth.  I have just one question for someone to answer for me which is Why can’t people just look pass those colors to what type of person lives inside that body?

To me, I hear this saying when I was very young and I loved it then.  God sent down his angels to color the human being different colors just to see how they would handle the different colors.  Who decides that whites are better than everyone else?    Who decided that black people should be slave to white people?  How do you think God Almighty decide the human race handled the color difference?

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic thoughts can scare the person beyond belief.  Just think of your mind thinking about one things such as your children and what they would like for Christmas.  When from the left side comes something about your elderly mother living in an nursing home and from the right side comes something about your husband working overtime once again.  Thoughts are crashing into your mind at the speed of light without having any direction really to go, just crashing in and making sure that you know they are there when they all of sudden crash right back out with the same speed they crashed in.  Thoughts can be evil and from the devil which the devil wants you to think that everyone hates you.  That they would be better off without you and that is when you tell the devil to get under your feet ,so that you can do a tap dance on his head until he begs for mercy.  Just think of the devil under your feet and you are pushing him farther back into hell as you stomp on his head.  With every stomp that you take on his head is another way of saying “Take this devil.  Because I mean business and you are not included in my life.”

Another picture comes to my mind when I think of things and that is that God Almighty is in charge of every detail of my life from my money to my children to my family.  Do you get the picture of calm and collected my life is?  God is there to help us, to hold our hand through the good times as well as the bad times, God is simply there to help us when we need Him which should be in every situation that crosses our path.  We should pray to God on who we should bless when He blesses us, we should pray that God Almighty shows us who to bless and gives us the resources to do so.   God is there to show us the way He wants us to walk and which path He wants us to take.  God is there to test us and make us stronger than we were before.  All we have to do is listen to God Almighty and say out loud that we believe, trust, and love Him.

He helped me face my fears and I have total respect for Him in everything now.  I know that God Almighty is there for me and He is helping me to straight out my life from the mess that I had made of it.  God Almighty has taken out the chaotic thinking and just plain chaotic mess out of my life.  He is showing me that I can love and trust other people that He brings into my life.  He is helping me face my fears on a daily journey that God Almighty and I are in for the long haul together.  Hand in hand with a powerful forces that is there to help is totally awesom.

Chaotic thoughts are a thing of the past for me which now has been replaced by totally belief in God’s love, peace, joy, and that He will be there for me the rest of my life.  God Almighty will be there helping me through this life and my eternal life in Heaven with God Almighty.