via Daily Prompt: Minimal wages is a normal to think about when you are doing several different positions in your lifetime.  Jobs such as low entry position in nursing homes such as bed makers, laundry, housekeepers, and kitchen help.  Something that doesn’t require much of a physical or mental capacity.  I am not calling people that do minimal wage jobs stupid in any way since that is the type of jobs that I had much of my life, much of sixty plus years that I was gamefully employed in the employment section.  What I am saying is that these people do minimal or low entry jobs since (like me), they do not have any extra education or training that would help them to get better jobs.

Minimal wages is where people start to tighten their belts and live on the budget of ramon noodles.   Minimal wages should be for high schoolers or college bound people that still live with momma and daddy which the parents can help soften the fall when they realize that actually working for a paycheck is harder than they realized at first.  I always say to those complaining about their jobs “There is a job that is worse than yours.”  I will get these stares like I am a completely nut that is on the loose.  I will continue by saying “There is a job that you are outside in all types of weather and walking around with a heavy pack on your back.  Packs that are cumbersome and heavy to say the least.  Have you ever tried being a paper person in an ice storm where you have customer that still demand their papers at a  certain time.or how about having a route that your parents take you around in their car when all of a sudden, you get a flat tire.  How about having a customer standing in front of you telling you to do your job and get the paper there at a certain time.  They don’t care to hear your excuse about having a flat tire or the papers were late.  Yes, there are lots of customers that are caring and will listen to you.  There are also the customers that want their papers at a certain time and will start to yell at you when that time comes and goes.”

These are the minimal wage earners that think they are too good to earn money by being a paper person that works six or seven days a week out in all type usually without complaining about how much they hate their jobs.  They know deep with in themselves that they are a special bunch of people that do their job because they know that no one else will do it.  They take pride and making sure their customers are happy because God (and their managers) have pounded into their heads to do a good job.  They do a good job that they are not usually paid good to do.

What I am saying is that if the minimal wage people don’t like their jobs or want more money to do their job?  Then do something about it and get more education or training that will show you are willing to work harder to get more money.  Instead of sitting there crying that life is unfair and how much you need more for a lifestyle that you can’t afford in the first place.  Do something about it!!  Work harder for the money that you earn!!  Minimal wages are for people that don’t want to work a little harder or smarter to get advanced in the workplace.