via Daily Prompt: Jiggle the Elf loved to be center of attention and would always distract the other elves from their work.  Jiggle was the comic who made the elves laugh when they were suppose to be working hard on the truck line for Santa.  Jiggle who the know it all who tried to tell everyone what he though he knew ,but wasn’t all telling the story just exactly right.  Jiggle was  the one who showed the ladies elves just how athletic he was or tried to show them how many little trinkets that he could jump over.  What he did was land right in the middle of the trinkets and something usually ended up poking him in the butt with a sharp edge.   Jiggle was the elf that everyone mad fun of because he tried ,so hard to be everyone friend.  He wanted to be like by everyone and no one really wanted to be his friend simply for the reason that they would be made fun of also.

Tonic was the head elf that everyone looked up and tried to be like.  He had muscles that seemed to grow out of muscles and when he told the other elves what to do, everyone knew that he was always right on the mark with his knowledge.  If Tonic told them to knock a peg six times, the other elves knew that was the right amount to hit a peg before it would slid it’s way homeward.  Tonic would simply shake his head at Jiggle when he showing off for the ladies or the other elves as if to say why do you try ,so hard when you will be nothing like me.  The women adorn me and the men want to be me.

Tonic let Jiggle’s antic go on until the fateful day that he knocked Tonic over in front of Santa and Mrs. Claus.  He was trying his best to show how well the elves had been working and why the elves should have a few hours off before Jiggle came to the rescue of the boring day.  Jiggle was trying to stand on his hands for the lady that had caught his eyes named Lisa.  Lisa was sweet and always wanted to be in the back of the group.  Jiggle thought she was the most beautiful creature of the whole elf town.  On that fateful day, Jiggle was doing one of his miserable attempts to do a handstand when Tonic came in the door.  Up went Jiggle onto his hands an when his feet went up, well, let’s just say that his shoe didn’t stay on his foot,  It went up, up, and up then came spiral downward to land squarely in the chest area of Mrs. Claus.

Jiggle turned completely red from the tips of his toes to the red haired tops of his head.  He knew he was in trouble with Tonic just simply by the look that he received from him.  He knew that he was hot, hot water like no one else had ever been.  It was until the moment that Mrs.  Claus started to strutter “What was that?” and felt around until she pulled out a small black shoes with the name “Jiggle” written on the back of the shoe.  Jiggle wanted to hid until the moment that both Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus started to laugh that belly laugh they both had.