tvia Daily Prompt: Hideout was due west, Clara was sure of that and she knew that she would be safe once she got there.  Out of this blazing sun and into the cool interior of her lone cabin was all she could think of at this time.  The sun was beating down on her back as she urged the horse to go faster.  She would take her horse into the barn to rub him down when they got to the cabin and both would be out of sight of the men that were after her.

The men were mad at her for her trick and when she had done it, she knew people would not be happy with her.  She didn’t think they would hunt her down like a dog to hung from the nearest tree or to tie her to a tree to dying in the heat of the day.  She was scared to death on what they would actually do to her ,but she would hide the horse in his hiding spot in the barn.  She knew that wouldn’t know that they were only inches from where they were searching for her.    Still, she wanted to get to the cabin to secure them in their spots of safety and the men could search for them until they were tired.  She was sure that even if they torched her cabin that both of them would be safe.

A smile crossed her lips as she knew that she was going to safe when she got there.  Suddenly, a bullet sliced the bottom of her right ear ripping a nice cut into the depth of it and blood started to ooze onto her shirt.  Boy, this men sure meant business and they were doing anything to stop her from getting to safety.  Her little trick wasn’t working out like she thought it would and she admitted to herself that she couldn’t blame them from being mad at her.

She had came into town under the disguise of doing some shopping at the local store when she went behind the store to dress in her man’s outfit to rob the place.  She was going to pretend to rob the store ,so that her sleepy little town would have some excitement for once   The townspeople would be talking about the man that had rob the store in broad daylight and made off with the money.   That was the plan to make some headlines for her town that was always complaining nothing happened in their sleepy little town.  She had liked that about the town when she had first moved to this area.  Clara remembers getting excited about the plan and she would head straight back to the cabin to be rocking on the front porch when the men from the town came out looking for the robbers.

Somehow and somewhere, the plan had changed when the store owners wife had fired a rifle at her and barely missed her head.  She screamed which alerted them to the fact that she was a woman instead of man.  Getting no money, she had ran out of the store and jumped on her horse for the getaway.     Moments later, bullets were being fired at her to stop and as she road on, the bullets started to come closer to her body.   She was beginning to think that they might just mean to harm her or kill her.  She wasn’t sure which one they were going to do because she knew they meant to bring her back to town alive or dead, they didn’t care which one they got.


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