Has anyone else have a certain friend that can’t or won’t understand the meaning of giving a person their personal space?  This so-called friend comes up close and personal just to say “Hi. How are you?  I am fine.”  I always feel like pushing that person back ,so I can actually see who I am talking to.

She will take a step back and after awhile somehow, I find her inching up to the close and personal space.  Like she isn’t comfortable talking from any other place that inches from your nose.  Some days, I am fine with in and will stand there having a nice, polite conservation with her about anything.  Other days, I want to scream at her “Back up now because you have crossed the line for my personal space and I don’t like anyone that close to me.  Not even my boyfriend right now.”   I never scream at her though cause I have my doubts that she would actually listen to what I am saying.  I think she is too d— close for my comfort and she should know when she cross the line.  What do my readers think about someone that is close enough to feel their breath on your check?

I love and respect my friend’s limits on personal space.  I try my hardest not to cross whatever line they have made for their personal space because I have that line which I like when people respect it.  I try to respect their line of personal space ,so when it is my personal space that they will think twice about it.  I know that is a long shot because there is people out in this life that simply don’t care how they offend people.  They will say anything that seems rude and do anything that they please, just to see if their friends will say anything to them.  They love to play the innocent act when it comes to be told that they crossed the line.  Those friends will give you this look like “I crossed what line?”

Specific space or personal space is just different ways to call the same thing.  They want to be treated with respect and trust because they have earned it.  They don’t want certain people close enough to give them a kiss when they are simply having a conservation about anything that they want to talk about.   I have always wondered why people have to be close enough that they look like they are kissing instead of talking?

My boyfriend respects my personal line and when he wants to kiss me, he will stop at that line as if to say “Is it ok to cross?”   I do the same thing for him and it is just plain old fashion thing called manners that some parents have taught their children.  Specific space can be a God sent thing when someone has an odor from work or it can be a pain in the butt when those people that don’t care come into your life.