via Daily Prompt: Fortune of my riches is only in my imagination that is only required in “my” world of reality.    “My” world of reality is something I look forward to and have imagined different ways that the world could go.  I could be as riches as the next President who could shopping at any store in any country that my heart desires.  I could set the next new trend that people would like just because I was seen wearing it even if it was very uncomfortable and ugly.  I could hear people saying “She is worth a big fortune and she was wearing it.  I am going to wear it just because of that.”    I could shop on all the main streets in New York City and not worry about the price or I could look for the little shop that no one knows is there hidden in a corner.  Turn a corner and there would be a magicial store that no one else knows exist.

Fortune is a nice thing to have ,but everyone has to remember that fortune are also meant to share with those in need. Why should the rich pay one hundred dollars for the rights to be seen in the newest trend of places to eat when someone else is standing only feet away from the window hungry because they hadn’t ate for days?   I know that it is their right since they have probably worked very hard for that money to pay the bill.    Sorry, to say that I am the type that would want to eat and pay for my food.  I am also the type that would want to feed the nearest hungry person.   I am the type that want to spread my fortune around to those people that God Almighty has shown me in need.

How does God show me that a certain person is in need of help from me?   Does a bright red arrow point right at them from Heaven as if to say “Help this person!”     God Almighty shows me deep inside my heart that when He blesses me, it would be a good thing for me to bless that person that hadn’t ate for days.  Or to help that family that can’t get toys for their children this Christmas.  In God’s eyes, fortune are meant to spread around since when He blesses me, the blesses don’t stop there because it should continue by blessing someone else.

Fortunes are something I dream about because that is the good side where everything works out for the person.  They can buy whatever new car, bigger house, or newest fashion trend they want to.  They can go out and spoil their children by buying the newest video game they want or the newest toy that their little heart desires.   Fortunes can also have a bad side where with bigger cars comes bigger payments for repairs plus gas to run it down the street.  Bigger houses also mean bigger taxes, repairs, and the monthly bills would go upward.    Buying newest fashion trend and spoiling the kids can get old fast as the fashion shopping would get old fast.  Shopping or should I say spoiling the kids would also get old as they would probably start to act up and demand more than you are willing to buy.