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via Culture — The Daily Post  to me means human beings and the only thing that really stand between us being totally brothers and sisters in God’s love is one thing.  God Almighty decided to play a prank on the human being race to see how we would handle this one prank.  Needless, to say the human being race failed it with blinking our eyes once or twice.  Now, do I have you totally confused?

The human being race is made up of two different sexes which are of course male and female. No major difference there and in fact sometimes those two sexes can be friends as well as soulmates and lovers.  There is no major prank from God Almighty there unless you want to talk about the dumb things that those two sexes do to get the other sex to notice them for the first time.   Instead, of going up to a female that a male likes, he will ask everyone to ask her what she thinks of him.  By the time, about twenty different people come up to this special female to see what she think of a certain male, she knows something is up.  She probably has guessed by the time the tenth person has come up to her that this certain male is the one who she has felt watching her every movement and asking everyone what she is doing.  Males are ,so predictable don’t you agree women?

Has anyone guessed the difference that God Almighty probably did as a prank to see how human being would handle it?

How about our personality, talents, and attitudes?  Those three just show how we are different ,but sorry to say it is not the prank.  God has decide to make all of us different in one way or another.  Some people are bullies and thugs while other people are loving and caring toward other people.   Some people are loner while other people want everyone’s attention on them at all times.   Some can do the lowliest job while other people go to school just to be able to boss people around that do the lowliest job around.    Some people want to drive some car that is big and flashy while others are happy just driving an old tradition car that gets them from point A to point B/

God Almighty played a prank on the culture called human being race and that is making us all different colors such as black, white, and brown.  There are many different colors that make up the people that live on this planet called Earth.  I have just one question for someone to answer for me which is Why can’t people just look pass those colors to what type of person lives inside that body?

To me, I hear this saying when I was very young and I loved it then.  God sent down his angels to color the human being different colors just to see how they would handle the different colors.  Who decides that whites are better than everyone else?    Who decided that black people should be slave to white people?  How do you think God Almighty decide the human race handled the color difference?