via Daily Prompt: Chaotic thoughts can scare the person beyond belief.  Just think of your mind thinking about one things such as your children and what they would like for Christmas.  When from the left side comes something about your elderly mother living in an nursing home and from the right side comes something about your husband working overtime once again.  Thoughts are crashing into your mind at the speed of light without having any direction really to go, just crashing in and making sure that you know they are there when they all of sudden crash right back out with the same speed they crashed in.  Thoughts can be evil and from the devil which the devil wants you to think that everyone hates you.  That they would be better off without you and that is when you tell the devil to get under your feet ,so that you can do a tap dance on his head until he begs for mercy.  Just think of the devil under your feet and you are pushing him farther back into hell as you stomp on his head.  With every stomp that you take on his head is another way of saying “Take this devil.  Because I mean business and you are not included in my life.”

Another picture comes to my mind when I think of things and that is that God Almighty is in charge of every detail of my life from my money to my children to my family.  Do you get the picture of calm and collected my life is?  God is there to help us, to hold our hand through the good times as well as the bad times, God is simply there to help us when we need Him which should be in every situation that crosses our path.  We should pray to God on who we should bless when He blesses us, we should pray that God Almighty shows us who to bless and gives us the resources to do so.   God is there to show us the way He wants us to walk and which path He wants us to take.  God is there to test us and make us stronger than we were before.  All we have to do is listen to God Almighty and say out loud that we believe, trust, and love Him.

He helped me face my fears and I have total respect for Him in everything now.  I know that God Almighty is there for me and He is helping me to straight out my life from the mess that I had made of it.  God Almighty has taken out the chaotic thinking and just plain chaotic mess out of my life.  He is showing me that I can love and trust other people that He brings into my life.  He is helping me face my fears on a daily journey that God Almighty and I are in for the long haul together.  Hand in hand with a powerful forces that is there to help is totally awesom.

Chaotic thoughts are a thing of the past for me which now has been replaced by totally belief in God’s love, peace, joy, and that He will be there for me the rest of my life.  God Almighty will be there helping me through this life and my eternal life in Heaven with God Almighty.