via Daily Prompt: Tart  is not how I like my food at all cause I am more of a person that has a sweet tooth that no one would believe.  I am not the type of person that wants to make a face after I have eaten something that I might be craving for.  I like to hear myself say how delicious the food was instead of making a face cause the tartness gets to my stomach which makes it feel like I am ready to throw up.  I know that there a lot of people that love to eat tart stuff ,but honestly I am not one of those people.

Tartness reminds me just how much I don’t like lemons in my ice tea or limes in any thing that crosses my lips.   I know that a lot of people use those two fruits to season or taste different types of dishes ,but I when I am trying those dishes for the first time please please tell me after I take a bite.  I want to be able to give the person an honest opinion of what I am eating and if I know either of those are in there,  just lets say I would be the first to say thanks ,but no thanks to the dishes.

When the tartness passes over my lips and taste buds, I want to spite the food out of my mouth as if to say totally yuck.  I am adult ,so I guess that means I will have to pass it on down to the stomach which will start to protest that it is down there.    My stomach would be doing a tap dance that I would soon not forget or anyone around me.  I don’t suffer alone cause I make sure that someone around me knows just how I feel.

The taste of tartness would start with me making a face that would have everyone watching laughing until their sides hurt.  Then the taste would hit my throat which would protest by saying no way was that taste passing on downward.  I would start to feel sick to my stomach even before it got to the stomach.   Needless, to say that when it hit the stomach I would have to see just how fast I could run to the bathroom to sit on the toilet with my head hang over the tub.

Tartness is not one of my favorite taste and it probably never will be.  I know there are people out there that have craves for it ,but I am not one of those people.   I am not a drinker ,but I have also been told that there is alcohol drink that takes both of those fruits which would not be one of my favorite drinks.   I hope that I am not making anyone angry with my comments or articles because that is not my intention.   I am glad that someone in this world like the taste of tartness because it is only fair that everything is tried at least once by everyone.