via Daily Prompt: Realize what is missing in your life is an important part of being a grown up Christian.   Just known that something is missing in your life is the first step to getting to know God Almighty and let Him take control of your life.

I would be at work and walking down the hallways, I would hear someone calling my name. I would turn and no one would be there for me to talk to.  I would shake my head as if to shake the cobwebs off the old brain and continue on my way.   Walking a few steps before I would hear my name once again and about this time is when it dawned on me that just maybe it was someone human that was calling my name.

I hear my name again and this time I said “Yes Lord what do you want?”   I would stand there as peace rushed over me and I had never felt that calm, that peaceful before.  It was like everyone was my friend and nothing could go wrong the rest of the day.  I felt at peace with myself and others.  Instead, of walking down the halls at work like a old grouch that no one seemed to please me.  I had a smile on my face and a song in my heart.  I went up to people to tell them to have a nice day.  They would just smile back and somehow that seemed to please me.

Another thing that I realize was that when God blessed me not to let the blessing stop there.  To take part of that blessing and bless someone else.  To make their life a little easier, to give them a reason to smile and wish people to have a nice day.  Blessings is like a cycle that no one wants to stop which starts with God blessing one of His Children and that child blessing the person that God points out to them.  Blessings is a cycle that never seems to end and that is the way that everyone involved in the blessing cycle wants it.  Just remember that God wants us to follow in His footsteps and when God blesses us than we bless someone else is following in God’s footsteps.

Another way to please God is to give Him ten percent of any money that you get.  For example:  Your paycheck is four hundred dollars ,so how much do you give to God Almighty?   Does forty dollars sound like a good game plan to keep blessings, miracles, and God Almighty in your life?  Does forty dollars sound like a good game plan to have protection from God Almighty, to have Him straighten out your crooked path of life, to be there with you always helping you overcome your fears and to face whatever comes your way?

I think forty dollars is too low of a prices for all the promise that God Almighty has to offer us which includes His love, peace, joy, and eternal life.