via Daily Prompt: Careful is just a simple word that people use in their daily language that can talk volumes.  For instance: you know a girl that is going on a blind date with a total stranger for the first time.  What thought comes to your mind in a flash?  For her to be careful of the guy that is going out for the first time.  It could be a  Pastor, a teacher, or a singer ,but that is not what is on the top of your list.  It is the latest crime of murder, rape, or kidnapping that happen seven states over.  This guy could be harmless and a perfect gentleman.  What do you want to do is take his picture from several different sides, a picture of the car she will traveling in, and the most important thing which is a picture of the license plates of the car.   What is on the top of your mind is the latest attack by a serial killer (which I can’t blame you since I am the same way.)

What ever happen to giving a second (not to say anything about a first chance) chance to show who exactly he is and how he can treat your daughter with loving respect.  Pastor always preach from the altar that we should treat other people with respect and show them God’s love.  I would just like to know what ever happen to start this way of life that we tell our children to be careful of strangers.  I know what strangers can do without a second thought to their victims to claim later in court that they were either drunk or high on pills.  They get off scotch free almost since they didn’t know what they were doing and we should feel sorry for them rotting away their life in prison.  I would like to ask them why we should feel sorry for them because we are footing the bill for them to live rent free and give them food to eat.  I know I sound like a very mean person ,but I would like to know why should they just sit around all day and building their muscles.  Why not get them out working like days in the past?

To be careful is the first words that I utter when my grandson goes out the door to play with his friends out of my sight.  I love for him to veg it on the couch watching “you tube” or “playing video games” just due to the fact that I know he is safe when I can see him.  I also know that it doesn’t make too much sense to think that way as I pray that God Almighty will keep him safe and sound from the evils of this world. Amen!   I pray that God Almighty will keep him safe and help him to be careful around people that he doesn’t know because evil comes in all shades of color on this old world.  Amen and Amen!