via Daily Prompt: Border has been in the news a lot by the illegal aliens crossing the border trying to get to the land of the free and maybe where the streets are paved in gold.  Or have you ever thought maybe they just want to get away from the law because I hear the Mexican jails are pure hell.  Or maybe they just want to go to nearest church to ask for help?

I guess what I am trying to say is that a lot of people do things for many reasons and some of those reasons don’t exactly make sense to us.  Like crossing the border to get to the land of the free and streets of gold.  How many of us have heard stories about how a certain place was going to look and when we finally got there, it didn’t look anything like how someone had describe it to you.  We were let down and confused why someone would tell us lies about the place.   I know a lot of people are going to leave me comment about excuses ,but here goes anyway.  How many of the aliens have heard stories about the great old United States, that people can do anything they want, and the streets are paved in gold?  Well, I think the last one is stretching the imagination a lot ,but wouldn’t you want to hope that there was actually a place that you could do anything you wanted?

Just think about as if you were an alien that has lived in Mexico all your life and heard stories about how great the United States ?   Your life is hard and you hear about how rich the people are in land that all you have to do is get across that border.and your life will instantly become rich.  Have you looked at the older people faces as they are caught coming across the border and their dreams are dashed, their hopes are getting farther away with every step they take.   They are probably thinking about how close they are to being rich and how they can smell the wealth.  The mind can do many sneaky things as a person see what they have hoped and dreamed for many years dashed within seconds.

I know it isn’t the same ,but when I was little my parents took the family to a resort that you can stay in individual homes only a short distance from Wisconsin Dells.  I love it there because the scenic views were beyond what I had ever seen on God’s green Earth before that.   I was only ten and couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.  I also made a lot of friends and for the next two weeks we went from house to house to play within the secluded little resort of house.   About a year ago, I had the chance to go back to the resort.  The house were in manageable conditions which means they were kept up to mininium standard of the law and nothing more.  To make a long story short, my hopes and dreams about the place was totally dashed when we came into sight of the place.  I let that feeling overtake me and it totally ruined the whole experience.

I sometime wonder if that is how some of those illegal aliens feel when they are caught crossing the border illegal?  I wonder if they had crossed into the United States and saw how some of the people were crazy and stealing from others, would they have felt like they were at home once again?   I know that to cross the border there has to things they have to do and papers that they have to show.   Maybe, they can’t get everything around which is the start of the letdown and the rest comes when they are caught coming across illegal plus hearing the words of being sent back to Mexico.

I would just like people to think twice about the illegal aliens that have crossed the border to the United States and why they are doing it?  Is their life ,so bad in Mexico and the United States looks ,so much better?