via Daily Prompt: Panic runs deep when everyone is against you and there is no one to listen to your side of the disagreement.  You want to tell everyone what you had said or what you had done ,but would anyone listen.  No, they are busy listening and agreeing with the other person that you had said what she was saying.  They give you this look like “Will you please say you are sorry?”

You know that you aren’t about to say how sorry you aren’t feeling.  You aren’t sorry in the least and you would probably say once again to the lying cheat.  Your feelings are hurt ,but just how many of your friends are patting her on the back to say that they are sorry for what was said and giving you a mean look.

Panic runs deep when everyone is against you in a word fight.  How many of my readers have lived through a situation like this just to finally get the knowledge when the truth comes out in the end?   How do you feel?  What do you want to do?

I don’t know about anyone else ,but when the truth comes out in the end I want to scream for joy and to jump as high as I can.  I love to know that everyone is going to come crawling back to my side of the disagreement and tell me how sorry they exactly are.  I also know and probably will accept even the ones that seem to walk up to me as nothing happens.  To start talking to me as if the minute or ten minutes that the ugly word fight took never existed in the first place.  People, whether strangers or friends are odd and never seem to remember their manners when they are in the wrong.  When they are in the right, they seem to be in there excited that everyone comes crawling to them and that is when they seem to remember the Golden Rule which means to even accept the ones who say nothing about the word fight.   I especially love those people when it is my turn to say “I am sorry” cause it will never happen.  If they didn’t show the “olive branch” ,so to speak when it was their turn.  They had better know without any doubt that when it is my turn to show the “olive branch”, it ain’t happening!

The Golden Rule is to treat other people like you would want them to treat you in this situation.  I still stand by the fact that if they said they were sorry when it was their turn, I will say I am sorry when I am in the wrong.    I believe that with my whole heart that God would give me a brownie point when I say just how sorry I am when they didn’t.  I want to shout up to Heaven to tell God that the brownie point better be a big one for me to say how sorry I am.

Panic runs deep in my soul ,but pleasing God runs even deeper!!