via Daily Prompt: Jump to my rhythm that only beats in my own heart and mind.  No one else can hear the rhythm that I can only hear and walk to.  The rhythm that I hear in my head is probably different from the one that everyone and anyone else hears in their head.  I walk to a beat that reminds me of my dear mother saying “Pick up one foot and put the other down is the way to go down the path that God wants you.”   I hear a small voice that seems to echo “Pick up one before putting the other down.”

I love my mother very much and miss her dearly.  She was the boss in the apron strings that even my dear dad would listen to  and when her kids came up to her when she was singing, we knew to get out of there fast.   She was a terrific cook that a lot of her fabulous recipes went to the grave with her and I would give anything to know them.  I miss them just as much as I miss seeing her every day.   She was the typical mother that could kill you with one look and she could give you a whole lecture with just one look that would say “You just wait till your dad gets home.”

I can never remember getting spanked for anything I did at home or at school.  I can remember trying to push the buttons to see how far I could get away with.  Which at some times was never much cause she seemed to know when I sneezed wrong.  That woman seemed to know everything that all of her kids did, good or bad.  I love that woman with all my heart and some times I would swear that she had super powers that allowed her to see what we were up to.  I think she had it pegged “Super Power Mother”  can see all and hear all that her kids are doing.

My mother was half German and half American which means that she claimed to be the best part of herself.  I will stop at that and let you guess whether she was happy to be half German or half American.   She worked a full time job until the company went out of business and then she stayed home for a while until she got bored having nothing to do.  She was an active person that liked to keep busy working at a job ,so she went to work at a factory where one of her children worked.  She would work there for the next ten years in many different positions and riding back and forth with the child that worked at the same factory.

On Sunday, she was a faithful church person that loved to sit with her family to show that we came out on Sunday like she taught us too.  As she got older though, those Sundays that she attended would become far and few between just like any other elderly person that was starting to show signs of getting older.

I would jump through hoops just to be able to feel a hug from her protective arms and a kiss on my cheek once more from her loving lips.    I love my mother dearly and would jump to do anything to see her one more time.