via Daily Prompt: Radical way of thinking is something I have never been knowing for and I was the one that tried to melt into the background.  I was the one that wanted to agree with whatever plans someone else had plans for and I was not known as the leader of the group.  I always loved to be the last in line and the last to do anything which was fine with me.  Radical thinking was a strange process for me ,so when it was demanded of me to that way of thinking, I felt strange to say the least.   Radical thinking was going to be very important to me and someone very special to me helped me along the way.

Radical thinking about my Heavenly Father was intriguing to say the least.  I would my Heavenly Father first in my life and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would have to go through some stuff (test and trials) that would scare the dickens out of me.  I also knew that my Heavenly Father would be there to hold my hand and gently shove me in the right direction.  The direction that God, my Heavenly Father wanted me to go and He would show me which path HE wanted me to walk on.

That was a year ago and I have been through little stuff like God would knock me in the head when I would drop a candy wrapper or gum wrapper on the floor.  I would hear a voice calling my name and at first, I totally ignored it.  I thought I was hearing things or voices.  Soon, I learned where that voice was coming from and who was behind that voice which I have never ignored after that fateful day.   I was walking along and someone deep inside me yelled for me to stop walking.  I just kind of laughed it off and when all of sudden something hit me squarely in the head.  It was bird poop and I was ,so disguised.  Got my hair wash at the nearest salon and I was sitting there getting my hair dried,  I hear the same voice “Are you going to listen to me now?”   I knew I was in for a change with my thinking which I went from being a lazy thinker to a radical thinker.

My favorite verse is Mark 1:17  “Come follow me.” Jesus said, “and I will make you a fishers of men.”  Just to think that God is trusting me to spread His Word to whoever will listen.  It is awesome and some pretty radical thinking.  Just to think that when God bless me, he wants the blessing to keep on moving ,so when God bless me I have to find someone else to bless.   To make their life easier by opening a door, to be a listening ear and a welcome smile, God will show me who He wants me to bless and how to bless them.  God will be there for me supplying the means and the money to do whatever needs to be done.  Radical thinking is cool and awesome.