Natural way of doing something in my life when I was growing up was thinking that everyone liked me and everyone wanted my opinion about anything that was happening in their life.  I would say hi to the popular people in high school in the hallways thinking that everyone else would be fooled that they liked me just because I was allowed to say hi.  I would try to sit beside them in class and try my hardest to act like they did.  Needless, to say I was fooling no one except myself.

People have a way of talking behind my back and some were not very nice about it.  They would say mean things and laugh at how stupid I looked when everyone knew that I was just hi to the popular people.  The popular people made it known to their friends that they weren’t friends with me in no way.   Would they come up to me and ask me to stop talking to them?  Would they come up to me and ask me to stop sitting beside them?

The natural way for students in schools are to cause someone else trouble to show the rest of the student body that this one person isn’t like very much.   The bullies will zero in on whoever the majority of the student body doesn’t like another student.   Bullies like to think that the rest of the school behind them when they cause trouble for the student that they don’t like.  Bullies think they are the leaders of the school and think that no one is going to turn them in.

God’s Way is that everyone would get along with everyone else.  They would greet each other with a smile and a good morning.  They would be friendly and courteous to each other as they pass each other in the hallways.  Female students would go through the door when a male student would graciously open the door for her.  She wouldn’t worry about getting tripped as she goes through the door and falling flat on her face.  Female student would be treated like queens and male students would be treated like kings.  All student would get along with each other and teachers could go through the hallways with respect that is due them.  Does this sound like a world that everyone wants to be part of or does this sound like a fantasy that will never happen?

I would like to tell my readers that they should pick out which way they want to live in the life is a choose that they can make for themselves.  They can choose to live in the natural way where you can either have a hard time getting along with other people or you can live in God’s Way which means that He will be walking with you.  He will help you to meet your fears on head long instead of running away from them.  He will hold your hand and whisper in your ear that you are not along dealing with whatever situation comes up.