via Daily Prompt: Recharge my battery is something I want and do everyday just for the health of me.  I eat healthy food like oranges, bananas, apples, eggplant, and I even eat my favorite vegetable which is spinach.  I love liver and onions with gravy over the top with a big heaping pile of spinach with a deviled egg on top.  Recharging my heart and the rest of my body makes me feel better about myself.  Recharging me is something I do for myself and for the rest of my family which are glad that I am actually doing something good for myself for once. Even if I make them eat spinach with me, they are still happy campers to watch me on the right side for once.

I used to be the sickly children that you would see going into doctor’s office for check ups and monthly progress reports.  My doctor would tell my parents that everything looked fine ,but I still wouldn’t feel good enough to believe him.  Don’t get me wrong, my parents did as much for me as any parent would do for their children plus the doctors that I went to would try their best to help me.  Even though when my parents would ask me how I felt I would say fine and give them a weak smile too boot.  They knew right away that I just didn’t feel like like the other children who would be outside running around and I would be inside curled up with a book to read.   I just didn’t have the energy to do any of the things that the other children my age were doing.

Recharging or totally flushing out my system to start at day one with a new doctor who worked to get answers like no other doctor had.  She research my complains until she kept coming up with the same old answers for nothing.  I knew the signs when the doctors were about to tell me nothing was wrong with me except laziness and being spoiled by parents.  She had me jump several times a day to see if that would build my strengthen up to a point where I would be comfortable going outside to play.  After this little experiment I felt worse than before the minute, the second, the hour that we started it.  I felt weak like all I wanted to do was set down.

She gave me a new diet to follow without no exceptions and believe me when I say what 10 year old wants to know she has to eat liver and onion.  I could just imagine that some doctor cut it out of someone’s body for me to eat.   After my dad made me realize that was totally wrong, I tried one piece and found out that I really like the meal.  After all, my father was a full blooded German and who in their right mind is going to say no to that man.

Recharging my battery with new experience trying new food that I found out I really enjoyed, my doctor found out that I was really sick and I am glad that she knew exactly what to do to get me back on the healthy path.