via Daily Prompt: Sidewalk drawing can be of anything that interest the person doing the drawings.  It will come from their heart and soul as they will sit there for seconds, minutes, or even hours as they put the perfect touches on the ideal drawing that everyone will see as they walk by.   Little girls will do drawings of one of the parents or their favorite toy which is usually the barbie doll.  The Barbie doll with the long, flowing blond hair down to it rump and the figure that no men can go without drooling over.    Sidewalk drawings is something that usually mirror a situation that has occurred in the little girl’s life recently.

Sidewalk drawings at a early age can consists of hearts and flower that look like trees.  When a children draws something on a sidewalk, the adult usually cocks their head one way and then another trying to figure out what their precious young children has drawn from their heart.   Now wanting to hurt their feelings, the parents will find some tricky way to ask “What is the drawing of sweetheart?  For some reason, I can’t figure it out.”  They will tell how much the drawing looks like the object without actually saying what it is and the parents might have be brave enough to say that their precious child will make a good artist one of these days.

Sidewalk drawing brings out the creative side of a person either young or old.  People with different ages can be seen sitting on the grass as they try to draw their masterpiece on a piece of slab of sidewalk.  This masterpiece will be seen for days until Mother Nature decided it’s time to wash away their masterpiece for no one else to see it.  Masterpiece comes the outreach of the mind of the person, from their creative side that has already drew the picture in the minds of the creative person.

Sidewalk drawing can range from many different things such as parents, trucks, cars, flowers, stick people, rainbows, trees, and the list could go on and on.  Anything that the imagination can dream up is something that the creative person can put down on the slab for the rest of the world to walk by to see.  The person has the vision that their glorious masterpiece is going to be their until Jack Frost comes nipping at everyone’s nose.  The person that has done the masterpiece has forgotten about dear old Mother Nature that has a wicked sense of humor which means that rain can come at anytime she gets mad at Father Time.

Sidewalk drawing are created one day and gone the next.  Sidewalk drawings will always exist in the mind of the creator for another day and time.  Sidewalk drawings are something of the past, present, and future children of this world,  something that children will always look forward to doing to express the views about anything that they like.  Sidewalk drawings will be for adults as well as children that are young at heart.