via Daily Prompt: Miniature thoughts is something everybody has every second of their life and something they either throw away or keep cherished in their hearts.  Thoughts such as what does that sign mean in my life?  Is a cardinal just a red bird flying around or is it a message sent from Heaven meant just for me?   Is a bluebird that I see flying around just a bird flying mindless around or is a message of happiness for me? What about the dove does it mean a bird that will poop on your car or is a bird of peace.

There is signs everywhere we look such as street signs and signs on wall ,but we see signs in nature that God is taken care of the world at His own pace.  Rain means that the earth need watering or that Mother Nature is once again mad at someone or something for doing something.  Snow means that it’s cold outside and Jack Frost is come to nip our nose.  Snow means that winter is here and it is time to stay inside where it will be warm instead of outside where someone or something could freeze.   Fall shows signs of wonder at God’s masterpiece of color as the leaves are turning color   Leaves are turning color because the leaves will be falling off the tree that has given them life for the spring and summer.  Now, that winter is coming it means that death has arrived or should I say that the tree sleep the winter away which sometimes I wish I could sleep the winter away.

Signs are wonders that people have always had questions about and probably will always question.   Bluebirds are birds of happiness and Doves are birds of peace are just one type of signs that are assigned to miniature things that have entered are life.  Signs are assigned to big things such as a broken down car means either the owner didn’t take care of the car or something broke down instantly.  Signs are assigned to big and small things plus those same signs can means different things to different people.   Such as cardinals are signs from Heaven from our loved ones or cardinals can mean to bring laughter to a certain someone with the a special song for them.

Miniature signs is something we watch for as we go through our life and signs signal that something is about to happen.   Signs are how we get message from our loved one in Heaven plus God Almighty send us messages through our dreams, thoughts. and thorough certain people in our life.  If signs were not in our life, life would be so boring that we go around like a bunch of zombies that had nothing to look for.   Signs give us happiness and something to look forward to such as did I not notice the signs of love for a certain man or woman.

Isn’t there a song about signs being everywhere.  Signs are everywhere we just have to look for them.