via Daily Prompt: Mistake of my life are few and far between like the old saying and something I wish was true in my life.  I have always lived from paycheck to paycheck which meant robbing Paul to give to Peter.  Shopping was not one of my favorite past times ,but I have always been the type that if someone else had it and I was jealous of them which meant I wanted it.   My loving husband tried his hardest to supply the basic need that I wanted and some of the desires of my heart were also supplied.  Things that I thought I need and these things were  only things that I wanted plus could have done without.  My husband loved me very much and I wish I could have told him before he went to be with His Heavenly Father.

As I went on my way in life, I never thought I had enough.  I wanted a better apt than a better house, a better car that my friends would be envious of, and a job that could earn me the wages that I thought I deserved.  I didn’t want to earn the schooling that I needed to get this paycheck and I certainly didn’t want to put the hard labor into working that hard.  One could say that I was lazy and wanted to earn the stuff that I desired going the easy path of life.

My Heavenly Father decided to take me a entirely different path to where He wants me to end up.  God has been knocking me in the head to be a writer and to keep me on the path that He wants me on, He gives me little vision of what my life is going to be like.  One example is doing something that I have always wanted to do is take a cruise through Alaska and Hawaii.  Why not?  I am going to be a famous writer of religious article and mysteries stories with God Almighty’s helping me along the way.

As I progress on the way to being a famous writer, I have seen little signs in my life. I am starting to face fears that I know I wouldn’t have before like my fear of heights and being alone for a long period of time.  As I get used to being alone and writing on my computer, I have started to feel comfortable with the peace and quiet in my life.  I have wanted those times of peace and quiet to come more often into my life ,so that I can write stories about whoever I want.  Cause me trouble in my life and maybe you will get turned into a Nun in one of my stories which is my kind of revenge.

My Heavenly Father has helped me realize that I have to take care of the belongings in my life that He has given me.  Example, I want a better car which means that I need to take care of the car I have now.   I want a bigger house that I can pay cash for which means that I have to save up the money that I have now and not go shopping just because I want to.

My mistake of my life is not allowing My Heavenly Father to take control of my life before this.  I am turning my life over to God Almighty and Jesus Christ.  I am going to follow whatever they tell me to do, say, and help whoever they tell me.  One more thing that I have learned is that when God Almighty blesses me not to let it stop there ,but to keep that blessing moving through my life into someone’s else life.  When God Almighty blesses me to turn that right away and bless someone else.