via Daily Prompt: Luxury   My dream is to live in a luxury house with wide open rooms with views of the wildlife that makes a person stand in awe of God Almighty who created the animals that we watch.  Or in some cases animals that people hunt for a sport which we wouldn’t dwell long on.    To stand on the deck in the morning when everything is quiet and peaceful to watch the deer slowly come out of hiding long enough to eat the food that I put down for them.   I would love to sneak out there and brush my hand against their soft coat of fur and to look into their soft brown eyes.  What a special blessing it would be.

Luxury house with about ten bedrooms with room for six king size bed and window on every wall to see out in Mother Nature grand outdoors.  With these ten bedrooms each room would have a walk in closet big enough to pack hundreds of different outfit with shoes that match.   Plus, a bathroom that has a shower big enough for ten people and a bathroom to soak all my soar muscles away.  In my dream house would be a kitchen with every kitchem item available and this kitchen would make people drawl with sickness from not having it.

Rooms in my house big enough to play football in them cause I am no little person and I want the luxury of stretching without fear of knocking something down to break.   I want to be able to wiggle when I feel like it and feel like being the kid that is waiting for me to burst out from within.      All these rooms that will have dozens of windows from ceiling to floor ,so I can look out whenever I want to see the deer, moose, etch wandering aimlessly through my back yard without a fear of being hunted for sport.

I keep reading my meaning of luxury and rolling my eyes since that really isn’t my idea of luxury.  I would like nothing more than to have a log cabin module home tucked neatly against so wooded area that I can watch the nature life at it’s best.  I love to see the deer frolicking in the sunlight and the other animals chasing after each other.   It gives me a feeling of being carefree and fancy free to watch as other creature playing with each other.  Mother Nature and God had to compromise when they made up the wildlife or a deer would have an elephant truck, with it”s body and legs plus a lion tail swishing back and forth to swish away the flies.  Wouldn’t that be a scary monster that no one would want to see or come nose to nose unexpectly?

I would love to sit on the porch in my rocking chair sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows in it and watch the sun sitting would bring a splendid view to these tired old eyes that I would love.