My glass heart can be broke into a million pieces just by simple words or gestures that are done by other people.  Something that they probably think they are in the right to do or say to me.  When they repeat their version of what happen, all of a sudden they are in the right and I am ,so far out in left field that nothing can be done to say that I was even involved.  A perfect example of someone saying something and then declaring they were right and I took offense at a simple wording that was a mistake happened just today.  I was shocked to see who the person was and yes, it was someone that I always thought would have my back.  They had my back until someone else better came along.

I was trying to be helpful to other people when they came out and told me to leave things alone.  I was shocked and surprised to say the least.  Emotions of anger rose steadily from the pits of my stomach and I was surprised to see that I wanted to yell back at the offensive person.   Now, God has been dealing with me about shutting my mouth and letting the other person look like the complete fool instead of me looking like one.  I pinched my mouth shut ,but I was anger enough to let them know exactly how mad I was by slamming my car door shut behind me plus not talking to them for several hours.

I was surprised to see how the situation calm down after the fact and we were laughing with each other within two hours.  I wondered how I had gone from being ,so mad at someone that all I wanted to do was tell them exactly how to leave my life alone.   Within two hours we were laughing and joking around with each other like nothing had happened.     I am glad that the situation worked out in that way instead of the two people involved slugging it out.

How did I go from being ,so mad at one person to laughing with the same person that had made a anger remark only hours before?  I remember the one thing that I had done within seconds of the anger situation.  I remember trying to slow my heart beat and breathing down by taking several deep breaths.  No, I knew that couldn’t be the reason that this person and I were friends once again.  Then like a load of brick falling onto the top of my head, it hit like a sledgehammer.  I had leaned my head back and took several deep breaths as I prayed silently “Please dearest Father, help me to get rid of this anger feeling that is trying to erupt all over me.  Help me to feel calm and at peace with me.  Help me to feel calm and at peace with my friend.  Help me to diffuse this situation and make it into a situation that you, dearest God would be please with.”   And that is exactly what God Almighty did!

God was helping me to put my glass heart back into the shape of love, peace, and joy as I once again prayed for help from Him.  God was helping me to put my glass heart back into the shape of love, peace, and joy as I once again prayed for help not too lose my friend to anger.  He had a reason for yelling at me like he had and I should have understood enough to ask why he was ,so mad at me.