Clouds floating magically up in the sky with nothing ,but God’s good grace holding those white fluffy clouds high above our high.  How I would love to reach up there to pull one just back to see what I would see?

I wonder what I would see.  Would I see Jesus Christ sitting on the right hand of the God Almighty?  What would those two be chatting about way up there high in the sky with no one able to listen and no one else able to judge what they are talking about.    Would Jesus Christ and God Almighty be gossiping about the Lord who seems to be absent from the picture,  I could just hear those two now.  One would say:  Did you see what the Lord did over in the east?   He actually waved at those mere human beings down on earth.  I tried to tell him that no one would be listening.  Did he listen to me?  No, he kept on waving to the people down on earth?”

Would I see all the pets that seem to have gone before their owners?  If so, I would love to tell Shaya, Shep, and Tinkerbell to behave themselves and to be nice to the other dogs and cats in Heaven.  I would ask Jesus if those three were listening and behaving themselves.  I would want a special wink from my Shaya dear because she just passed away this year at the ripe old age of 17.    I would look to see where the bridge is that the pets cross over to wait for their owners that they love, just to make sure when I go up to Heaven that they will know that I want to hug each of them again.  Kiss them on the head and tell them just how much I love them and missed them.

Clouds can take different shapes and sizes while they float across the sky in no certain direction.  They just seem to float on their own way in their own time doing whatever they want.   No magically strings hold up those white fluffy spheres as they do there thing way up in the sky close to Heaven and getting to know that angels that come down to sit on them.   The angels play their harps and watch God’s children down on earth.  The angels watch the special people that they are to help through their lifetime with certain blessings that only come from God Almighty.

Just imaging lying down on your back on a incline watching a cloud floating across the sky and you say that that one looks like an elephant.   Do your eyes see your loved one peeking down to see you lying on that incline and as they sat back tears are forming in their eyes from missing you?  Do you hear them whisper “Hi I love you and I miss you?”   Do you see the angels watching their special children just waiting for them to say a prayer asking for help that God will send them down to earth to deliver?