Are you one of the million people that are told by their doctors that they are obesity and should lose weight?   I even looked at my doctor and said “Please tell me something that I don’t know.”

I sit there listening to how my heart isn’t the way it should be since they have caught it doing 200 beats a minute and the name for the disease is actually longer than the heart is wide.   My doctor is not to thrill with me since I am the type that think God gave me this heart fifty eight years ago and He will take care of until the day He calls me to go home with Him.

I am just not too happy with my doctor when he stands in front of me and says by the next time I come back, he would be happy if I lost at least twenty pounds.  I have starved myself and not luck losing the weight.  Someone even told me that if i took two laxatives a day, I could cause myself to have diarrhea and I would lose weight since nothing would stay with me.   Problem number one is I don’t want to sit on the potty that much and problem number two is I really don’t care how much weight I want to lose.

God has taught me long time ago that the only person I have to keep happy is myself ,so when the doctor is standing there telling me how much he thinks I should lose.  I look back at him and said “It is my body and I am just granting you the right to keep it running for me.  I will lose weight when I want to not when you think I should.  I am here for you to listen and to take care of my heart.  Keep it to the heart suggestions.”  Needless to say my doctor has even suggested that I don’t want to listen to him, well, maybe another doctor would be in my future.

About this time, I say “Well, while I am looking for a new doctor that means that I can stop taking any medication you have me taking.”   It is the first time I have since a doctor speechless.

I have gone to doctors all my life due to the fact that when I was born I was a sick little girl.   I love to bug the double toothpicks out of my doctor and I honestly don’t care if I make my doctors mad when I honestly don’t listen to them.  I am the type that think it is a big guessing game on what medicine is or isn’t going to work.

Lifetime struggles is hoping and praying that doctors actually know what they are talking about.  I have seen good doctors that I honestly would put my life in their hands and never question what they are saying.   In the world, there is bad doctors that I wouldn’t even let my cat go to them and putting my life in their hands.  Well, let’s put it this way—  Are you crazy?