Understanding is something that comes with the advancement of life as we get older and older and older and older.   A baby understand that her parents are there to take care of her and to come running when she lets out the littlest squeal.  They love to hear her laughter and will brag about the smile that comes out on her lips.  They will hide the dirty diapers as far as they can from themselves and their sweet little baby.  They will wonder how a sweet baby will make such a awful odor in her diaper.  They will lavish her with kisses and hugs as she grows into the next stage of life.

The next stage in life is to become a toddler that will destroy their perfect house.  As the little baby starts to learn how to walk and get into the little treasure that they have searched far and wide for.   Little treasures that can break into thousands of pieces as little finger start to play with them and suddenly, those same little treasure are put up high that her little fingers can hold onto them.  They are put up high so that she can’t smash them when she suddenly comes tired of playing with them.

The next stage is going to school and this is having a divided reaction by her parents.  The mother who has stayed home with her throughout the first six years of her life is planning on having a party on the first day of school.  Her father is leaning toward beating up anyone that bullies her little girl since his job in the scheme of her life is to show her love and protect her from the bad things that try to enter her life.  School is something that is hated and loved by the parents of a a child entering for the first time.

As she process through, she will start to show off her humor, traits, and her brains of course.  She will be classified by the other student into one of many groups or cliche that are in our school system.  She will either by liked by mostly everyone or she will have enemies that will the rumor mill up and spreading the rumor that a child hears from other parents or children.   Not everyone is lucky and escape the rumor mill since there will always be the children that make up the rumors if they don’t know anything that they have heard about other children.

About any age in school, the dreaded bully shows up which will always have a posse or crowd that seems to follow them around.  They are either afraid to be the leader or afraid of the person that is actually the leader.   Bullies  usually come in a pack of two or more so-called tough people since they are afraid to stand on their own feet and want to show off for someone that hopefully has their back.  The other person is in charge of making sure that someone doesn’t jump them and get the upper hand on their advantage.

Understanding the world comes in many different stages of life and I wish the child growing up in this age a blessed life, a joyous life, and a loving life.