Faith is something that has always been number one on my list of things to remind steady in.   Faith isn’t something that you can touch, it can only be felt in your heart, mind, and soul.    Faith in God makes the smile that you put on your lips reach someone that is in need of a caring person that will listen to them cry and faith is there for everyone to feel in their hearts.

Faith to me means leaning on God without the fear of being judged for the things that you are stupid enough to do when you know deep in your heart that they are wrong.  Faith is leaning on God and believing that He will always be there to walk hand in hand through the low periods of your life.   Faith is learning to thanks and praise God for the things that go right in your life instead of saying how you did it all on your own.   Faith is learning to accept God’s love and trust without questioning it.

Faith is learning to love God and to know deep in your heart that He loves you without any questions or doubt.   Rebuilding your faith to God is something you do everyday of your life when you get down on your knees and pray to your Heavenly Father.  Rebuilding your faith makes you a stronger person that is willing to bless and love other people just as God has loved you.   Rebuilding your faith makes you stronger and more trusting of other people because you know deep down in your heart that God would never cause you harm.     God is there to turn whatever is wrong in your life around and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel which will come from God Almighty.   God is there forever and He will walk with you hand in hand through your life to straighten out the rough roads into straight roads.

God is there to close the doors that you don’t need open in your life.  He will close the doors in your life that are driving you downward and open the doors that you need to have open.   The doors in your life are there to help you along the path that God has set out for you such as He will open the Church door wide for you to go through and slam shut the doors into bars.

God can see into the past and the future, He knows which door you need open and which doors you need closed.   God is there to help you along the path that will lead you into his loving arms and eternal life.  We need to remember that God is there for us forever and we need to be the same way for God/

Rebuilding our faith is something we do in our daily lives which shows God how much we believe and trust in Him.  Rebuilding our faith one step at a time is the way that we reach Heaven to be wrapped in His loving arms.