The object of this article is to tell a personal story about little old me.  I can remember a lot of them and don’t know which one to really tell you about.  I could tell you about going to school in a little town and there was three of us that didn’t like school very much.  We decided to be the bullying and walking tough type.

Well, I honestly don’t why this one friend of mine didn’t like this girl we went to school with and she would pick on her constantly.   She would see my friend standing outside her classroom, she would become too scared to come out of the room.  Or how about the time we locked her in the bathroom for two hours.

I have always wondered why and about what time the hatred between the two.  Before, anyone says it was over a boy, I would like you to know that those two had polar opposite results in the topic of boyfriends.   My friend was into lifting weights and fighting ,so her boyfriend had better be able to take care of himself.   She was into the bullying more than the other two of us and she kept it up as she went through her life.

In fact, she is setting in prison right now for almost killing another person in a fight over the stupidest thing I have ever heard.   She was in a cafe when some guy bumped into her and  said “Hey lard butt move your chair in.”    She stood up and started swinging at the guy knocking him backwards over a table.    That was the last thing he remember of that night.