I am someone that loves to write stories, religions articles,  mysteries, or romance.  Just starting to write romance with all the kissing and hugging stuff going on.  After I read what I have wrote in my romance, a groan will escape through my lips as if to say “This is garbage.” and I will try and try again.  Nothing seems to come out right when I am writing about how a man kisses a woman while his one hand is pressing her harder against him until she is almost breathless.  See what I am, do you think that sounds good or does it sound like something I should trash?

I am crazy woman that will do a lot of things except anything that involves height cause I am the type to be scared of heights.   Scared of heights which includes me freezing to the spot and starting to shake like a fool.  I know it is just part of me which GOD put in me to make me who I am.   I can’t help feeling stupid when that happen ,but it does which means I have accepted that part of me.   Plus, being a big woman I hate small spaces which seem to close in on me.

Who am I?  I am writer that dreams of one day writing the great story that takes my readers away from their problems to a place where they will love to be.   I am a writer that will take my readers far away to  a land where their curosity will be get the better of them.