I have been learning lately how to put my trust and hope in the Lord Almighty as He watches what is going on in my life.  I still have to learn the hard way how to lean on Jesus Christ for my problems.

I had just started a year long survey project and one month into it, i get kicked out.  They discovered that I had been in it before and got the same results.  I got kicked out then and now.

The first time I was going through a bad time sleeping so they advised me to get help from doctors on how to sleep better.  I tried to email them back saying that all the test had been run on me and the only thing the doctors could tell me was that I don’t sleep very well.  I looked at the doctor and wanted to say “DUH”

I tried the second time to get accepted into this survey project and they let me join.  I even told them that I had been on this project before.   They let me join for one month before saying they just discovered I had been on before ,so I couldn’t join again.

I guess I shouldn’t have joined without talking it over with my Heavenly Father.  My hope was in my heart that I was actually helping someone.  When I read that email, I just couldn’t believe my eyes as it said I was kicked out again.

Oh well, I watched my hope go crushing around my feet and would like to wish everyone in the project good luck.  I pray that God Almighty will get me through this with only the love that He can deal out.