I have a mask that stays right on my heart ,so that I don’t get hurt by people who think they need to response on everything that I either say or do.  They don’t care what they say hurt me or any one else since they think they can force their opinions on anyone else they want to.   I have ask them not to always give me their response since I do not always want them.   If I want to know what they think, I shall ask them to response.

Does anyone else have that type of person in their life?  Someone that will always be willing to give their comment on what is going on in my life and they honest don’t care whether their comment hurts my feelings or makes someone else mad in my life.  I am willing to listen to someone’s opinion ,but I will not feel like they are tear my life apart.  My masked heart will go in place and their words will bounces right off of the mask.  Their words will bounces off the mask and stick to them like glue.  The hurt that was meant for me will come into their life and they will feel like they wanted me to.

Does anyone have that certain someone in their life that they want to tell to shut up and go back where there were?   Does anyone have that certain someone that thinks they know everything and maybe they do– ,but I do not honestly want to know everything like they do cause I have watched how other people act around them.   I want people to be my friends ,but I want friends that are respectful and honest with me.

How many of my readers feel the same way?  How many of my readers agree with what I have to say?