She stare into space with a wondorous look on her face as to wonder about what type of creatures or alien lived out in outer space.  Were there really purple alien with a tongue that shot out of their mouth to pick out the eyes of the person standing in front of the alien?  Were there green aliens that only ate worms that lived on their planet called NeraWorms?

Sasha was intrigued by the space that surrounded the small green planet that she lived on and she wanted to be the first female into space.   Listening to the news, she learned that she was not going to be the first female because two other women had already had the blessing to be in space.  Oh well, she could be number three, four, or probably number six hundred and seventy two.  One of her favorite things to dream about would probably never come true enough for it to become an reality.  She would always be able to close her eyes and dream about riding into space in a space shuttle named Crossroads.

Living in the country was another bad thing about getting picked to be one of those people that got shot into space and had the fun of circling the Earth.  She would always dream about how it would look to be above a storm that was raging on the Earth.  To see the lightening flashing toward Earth and would she be able to hear the thunder as it roared it’s ugly head way down below them?  Would she be able to see a tornado destroy people’s live and property as it rips way across the United States?

There was so much that she wanted to see as she road way up above the world on CrossRoads, safe and sound.  She wouldn’t be happy for the people down below as storms of all types dashed people’s dreams.  She would be happy that she was fulfilling one of her dreams.