Sasha was never the brillant one of the family and she would be the first to that she was kinda of slower than her parents.  Her  father was a lawyer for the business end and her mother was a heart surgeon.  It was just the three of them and when they started to talk about their jobs, she would yawn like there was no tomorrow.   With all the extra time on her hands while her parents seemed to think she was invisible at the table, she started to scribble on napkins about things she could invent to make the world a better place.

As she sat there scribbling a way, her mind started to think of an idea that would save the newspaper millions of dollars.  Sasha got ,so excited that she started to tune out her parents idle chit chat and worked on details of her newest inventions.  Never realizing that her dad had called her name until a male hand grabbed the paper that she was working on and shocked was written all over her face as she watched the napkins go sailing through the air to land squarely in her father’s coffee.   Tears started to stream down her check as she yelled at her dad  “What is so important that you had to do that?”

He simply grinned and said “My daughter is not going to be so stupid artist that sits around all day painting fruit.”   Sasha sat there looking stunned at him because she knew he was talking about his sister, Aunt Lydia.   She was two years older and a painter for a artist shop in the western states.  Her last painting was of mountains and it sold for a little over a thousand dollars.  She was on her way to become a famous artist ,but her dad could only see her as a little girl painting plastic fruit.

Her dad looked at her and said “You are either going to be a doctor or lawyer like we are.  You probably borrowed that idea from someone.”   Shaking her head in a negative way, she looked at her parents and softly said “That was my own invention and it would save the newspaper industry millions of dollars.”   Both of her parents looked from each other and then back to each other before breaking out in laughter over what she had said.