Sarah sat there wondering when she had lost the control of her mind.  It could have been in the twenties when she had the energy to do anything she wanted to and she could remember things from her past like the time she had been walking home from school when this little tiny dog had come out of no where.  It had started to bark at her ,so Sarah thought the dog was cute enough to pet.  That experience had costed her three stitches in the hand and she had learned never to pet any dog she didn’t know.

Maybe she had lost her mind back when she was thirty  ,but she had been enough that sometimes she swear that she had met herself.   Her brain could have flew out of one of her ears when she was racing around trying to earn the high bucks in the powerhouse of employment.   She remembered one lady back there complaining that she had worked for the same company for seven very long years and had only got one living cost of raise.  She had worked for the same company for seven years and was earning the same amount as people who had just started to work there.

Sarah was in her fifties now and didn’t have much to show for a life that had been lonely since her husband had passed away when she was younger.  They had no children for her to love and cherish after he was gone ,so she was all by herself in this cruel old world.  A world that she owned a van that was ready to break down alongside the road and she wouldn’t even be able to afford the tow to get the vehicle back to her house.   Seventy eight dollars for a tow was way out of her budget.

She had felt like she was losing it for awhile now and she felt like something was missing out of her life.  What she didn’t know or who should she say?   She sat by the window of her living room and watched as life whizzed by her.   That is when she heard the small voice calling her name “Sarah!  Sarah, invite me in!”

She didn’t feel any fear when she said “Who is this?”

The quiet voice said “It is I AM!”

Sarah said “Jesus, come into my life and help me.  Help me!  Protect me!  Guide me!  Love me!  I believe in you, Jesus and want you to be number one in my life!”