Lisa knew she was in trouble and for once in her life she knew that no one could fake their way out of a situation like this.  Why had she listened to Micheal and sank her life saving into a hair ball scheme as the one he had?   Micheal was nothing ,but a trouble maker and now, that the trouble was hitting the fan so to speak, he was no where to be fine.   Bills were waiting to be paid and for some reason, everyone was looking at her to have the money.

She had an appointment with her lawyer to find out why everyone was looking at her and she had this sinking feeling in the pits of her stomach that she was in serious trouble because of Micheal who seemed to vanish into thin air overnight.     The banks were calling her demanded money and the people that Micheal had sucked in with her somehow had gotten her phone number.  They were calling all times of the day and some were even leaving nasty messages on her answering machine.  One had even left a threat of death on her machine which her lawyer told her to bring the tape into him.   She couldn’t wait till tomorrow to see what her options were.  Probably very slim indeed!