She looked up into my eyes and she took a unsteady breath of air that made me think of the tombs mummies with a stale breath that could kill a person.   Her smile in her eyes. were fading fast and I knew if help didn’t arrive soon, she would be history.  Something I wanted to prevent ,but honestly didn’t know how.  I wasn’t going to give her CPR until someone else told me that would be the only one to save her.   Then, I would try to talk that other person into doing the CPR and I would be safe from the kiss of stale breath.

She took another breath and I knew that help wasn’t going to get her in time to save her.  I knew somehow that I wouldn’t have to give her a kiss of breath which made me happy for at least a short time.  I had never watched a person die in front of my eyes and didn’t know what I should do.   Another breath passed by my nose what brought me crashing back to earth on the reality plane of helplessness.   I was praying that this lady would be alive when help arrived and I prayed that it would be soon.

She looked into my eyes and said “You know they will never get her in time to save me. I am dying and I am happy that you are here with me to share this moment.  Please tell my family how much I loved them and I will be watching from Heaven.”    Tears were forming in my eyes and neither of us notice that help was actually coming our way.  Help was going to get her to the hospital in time for her family to be around her if God decided to take her tonight.

As I watched her being loaded into the waiting amblance, I knew deep down that the praying for this lady would help her and her family.  I knew that this lady would get the medical attention that she needed and wanted to continue with her life.    I knew deep in my heart that God would be with this lady as she would start the journey of life new from today.