I walk a straight line with much confusion on both sides from the drama queen that will remind nameless and I guess it would be a safe guess to say that everyone has a drama queen that they would love to push off a high cliff.  Well, I am not that bad with mine ,but some days I would just love to ask what she is thinking.

I have recently been knocked in the head by my Heavenly Father who says to pray for my enemies and now, I know that she isn’t a enemy of mine.   I close my eyes when she is on one of her rants and I watch as Jesus handles her by pushing her into one of the closets that I have in mind.   I pray that she will listen to Jesus and settle down before coming out to play nicely.

How many people have a drama queen in their life?  Well, I have decided to lean on Jesus for this one person and to pray each day that she will learn to be nice to the people around her.    I pray that one day she will even come to learn to listen to her Heavenly Father like I did mine.