Windows of the soul is a good choice for the article that I am writing on.  Some people consider the eyes the windows of the soul since they are in the open and see everything that is going on in this hard old life.  The eyes are different in colors such as blue, brown, green, and even the color red (another blood shot from a wild late night on the town.)  The eyes are there for everyone to see the emotions that flare throughout the body such as red streaks can be seen flashing when he was angry and maybe even green streaks when the person is feeling jealous over something that is going on.

Windows of the soul could also be considered the heart since it is the middle of everything and controls most of the working of the body.  The heart controls that the blood that is pumped through it and controls how it is pumped out.  The heart is the main thing in the body and will sometimes get grouchy enough to signal that the body needs to rest and relax.

Window of the soul can be different things to different people ,but mostly to me, the windows of the soul is only one thing to me which is GOD ALMIGHTY.  God helps us through the rough times as well as the good times.  He is there holding our hands to show us the way to the path that He wants us to walk on and GOD will be through everything.  He will carry us through the bad times and He will walk with us through the good times to direct us away from troubles that want to stop us in our tracks.  Windows of the soul is different things to different people and only that person can say what is their window of the soul.