I remember the day when I let my son outside for a few minutes by himself while I brought our new little baby daughter outside.  Bringing a baby outside was  a major accomplishment them and is still is with all the baggage that comes with this time in a parent’s part.   She was only two weeks old ,but she had a diaper.   Our son was probably about five or six then and he was only two minutes ahead of me in the parade to go outside.

He rushes to the door and tries to be the gentleman by holding the door for me.  I go through the door and that is when I hear a squeal of excitement, thinking nothing of it I continue to make our daughter comfortable plus making sure she is the shade when I turn to find the most laughable picture unfolding in front of me.  I shouldn’t say laughable ,but if you were that day, I am sure you would have chuckle too instead of thinking about the bath time that laid ahead of me.

Here was my precious son taking a flying leap into the biggest mud puddle i had ever seen and when he gets done rolling around in it, all I can see his two eyes peering out of a dirty little face.  Maybe I should rephrase that and say after I got done laughing at what he was doing.  Through my tears of laughter, all I could see was the dirt on his once clean face and his tan outfit that I had just put on him about one hour earlier.

Thinking how outfits and even my precious son was washable, I calmly gather my daughter back up plus taking my son by his hand, we head back inside to get clean.  Plus, I try to remember to get my loving husband to do something about the mud puddle or the kids are staying inside until I check out the surroundings.