Close your eyes and imagine the views that I am writing about:  A form comes into view from a distances and by the actions, a person can tell that the form is looking for something.  It comes near ,but simply shakes it’s head as if to say something isn’t quite right.  The form keeps floating around just simply looking.

Until it stops at one certain spot in this empty air. it tilts it’s head as if to say “By George I think I have found it.”  Floating backward and sideways,  what looks like a brief smile cross a tired, old face.   A face that shows signs of being around the block and shows signs of being very tired, wanting to rest.   A face that shows patience and love to anyone that looks deep enough for it.

The form’s hands or whatever part of the body is there on the mysterious form.  They come up and start swirling around the air until a gray haze is seem to form between the hands.   The hands are moving in a circular motion which cause wisp of smoke to start moving until the form has enough air between the two hands to create a planet for His Children.    His Children will call this planet home for years to come, they will show blessings to each other.  They will show love to each other and they will try to be helpful to whoever else has come into their life.

The form is ,so tired on the seventh day that it must rest even though it doesn’t need it.  They mysterious form could go on for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and yes, even years to come.   The form will take the role of Heavenly Father that teaches His Children the ways they walk.

Everyone has free choice which means they should choose to go their own way or to show their love to their Heavenly Father.