In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clean Slate.”

As I sat in my room looking around the room, I see one piece of furniture that I could do without. Everyone has this piece in a room in their house and mine seldom gets used. I am not what is considered a couch potatoes because when I turned on my television, I get bored from the television shows.

I watched some shows, but after a while I start to yawn my way into sleepy Ville. I started to nod off and before long; my family hears the snoring coming from my chair. I should take my tan recliner upstairs because I sleep better in it than when I use my bed to sleep.

Television to some people can be interesting. It is the complete opposite for me since I nod off. My friend sits in front of her television with a pizza on one side and potato chips on the other side. She is the typical couch potato and not the only one that I do know. I love her dearly and cherish the moments we are together as friends. She can also get totally involved with her shows and when that happens, it is like talking to a brick wall.

My television was brand new when I bought it. Two years later, it still looks brand new because it has only been on once or twice every month which I am pushing that notion. I usually pick up a book with a hot cup of cocoa with whipped topping plus the little marshmallows. I am a couch potato with my books which fill many boxes in the house I live in.