I don’t know if it just one person that I hope will read what I write. It is more a group of people and I hope that when they read what I have posted that a smile will come to their lips.

My writing used to be very serious and directly to the point. I have recently started to put a small punch line, so to speak. A small line or two that will bring a smile to someone’s lips as they read what I have written, maybe I have inserted a line that they don’t expect to be there. A line that makes them stop and re-read what I have written since they don’t believe it’s there. More confused right?

Example: Jane stood there with her mouth hanging open wondering how she had survived the storm that had took all the house around her. She wanted to thank God that she was alive and her house was still in one piece.

Jane stopped to reflect that she could be in the same position that her neighbors now found themselves. Why should she thank God that everyone else lost their house and hers stood there in one piece? Her so-called neighbors would be looking for a place to stay and they would probably be knocking on her door to stay in the barn. No one was going to stay in her house with her!

As she stood there, she sensed a present close to her and she turned around to come face to face with a little girl. She thought she knew all the children in the town. Who was this little girl and what did she want?

She slowly opened her mouth to speak “God has always told me to treat other people like I want to be treated. Why are you always, so rude and mean to people?”

The shocker was that Jane didn’t know this little girl and she had the guts to talk to her like that. My stories usually include something about God in the length of the story. I could have made the situation funny instead of shocking on the little girl’s part.