In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Familial Feasts.”

Today is a special day for everyone. To qualify for this day, all you have to do is show someone in need a blessing. Somehow easy the day slightly or a lot, show the person that you care for them and that they do mean something to someone.

One day, last week I saw a mother with two children asking for money. I gave her five dollars and I hope she spent the money how it was implied to be. Within my imaginary mind’s eye, I daydreamed that she took her two children to a fast food restaurant and bought some hamburgers. I know that I didn’t give her enough to get happy meals, so I pray that she spent the money the best she could. I would qualify for the day.

I heard about gentlemen that stopped to change a tire for two elderly women and yes, he would definitely qualify for the day.

I heard about a ten year old boy who stops bullies from picking on a five year old girl. Yes, he would qualify for the day.

Do you get the idea? Anyone that was a blessing to someone else definitely qualifies for the day. Anyone that shows another person God’s Love and Peace qualifies for the day.

Smile at the next person, a kind word goes a long ways, and opening the doors for the next person that is following is something that I am trying very hard to teach my children.

Special Person Day is for me, you, and everyone else, if they qualify or not.