In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Advantage of Foresight.”

What would happen if I could look into the future? Would I want to? What would I see?

Future is something that is unpredictable and what is to say what we see today in the future will actually come true. I mean events in the present can change the present and if the present is changed, that mean the future will also be changed.

If I looked into the future, what will I see? I will see the end of the homeless, jobless, and hungry. I will see the end of the war and people actually getting along. I will see people blessing other people instead of killing or abuse them. I see the end of bulling in the school day and kids will start to play with any children they want to. I see God’s Love, peace, and joy spreading around the world at a fast pace.
Since I am not God Almighty, I guess I won’t be looking into the future any time soon. I believe with my whole heart that God Almighty is the only one that can actually look into the future to see what is coming our way.

Now, before I get the nasty notes from all the believers of the physics, this article is my beliefs. You have the right to what you believe and I also have the same right. I am not trying to push anything down your throat, so please do the same for me.

God Bless Everyone!