In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Celebrate Good Times.”

How would I celebrate good news that I had been waiting to hear about for a long, long time? How would I share the good news with my loved ones? Would I be the crazy cat lady that they find standing on a rooftop yelling something that no one else can hear?

Well, as you guess number three would be out since I am terrified of heights. My stomach gets queasy and I get froze to the spot, so I wouldn’t be yelling out anything that no one could hear. Beside the point, the police would show up to throw a rubber net over me since they would probably think I am suicide. Believe me, when I say I am the farthest person from committing suicide.

How would I celebrate the long awaited news? I would take the whole family out to our favorite restaurant to celebrate. Since, I am not the first one to spend money; they would know something was coming. They would know the news was good since our favorite restaurant cost eleven dollars a plate to eat and there are five in my family. I live on what I earn from my writing which isn’t much, so spending sixty dollars is something I don’t do every night.

I pray to God that one day I will be able to buy my family whatever they want. I pray that I will be able to spoil my grandchildren by being able to buy all the sky landers there is.

I also know that good things come to those that God see fits to reward by blessing them. I am listening to God when He pounds me in the head and I am trying very hard to follow whatever He asks of me since He will only ask me things that are good for me. God turns our bad into good and if we take care of what we have, He will reward us.