In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Groupthink.”

One day while walking in a park, I overheard three older women talking about their husbands or children, not too sure on who they were talking about. My readers can read this and leave me a message below that will tell me what they think.

Person A: Met my husband fifty seven years ago and in the sense of smell, I consider him a big bag of fart.
Person B: Don’t you mean he is a big bag of air?
Person A: No, I say what I mean and when he lets them, the children leave the room.
Person C: Children?
Person A: We have three adult children and six grandchildren. I love my husband and children with my whole heart. Our oldest son is the same way as his father—big bag of smelly farts. His wife and children agree with me.
Person B: Have you tried gas pills? You know the ones that help prevent you from having gas too much.
Person A: I love him with my whole heart and do anything for him. After a while, I have to leave the room just to smell fresh air.
Person C: Even at night when you are asleep?
Person A: Especially then. I sleep in another room from him. (Continues after taking a breath of air) We haven’t slept in the same room for thirty some years.
Is Person A talking about sleeping with her husband for only twenty years or is she talking about their oldest son for a short time when he was very much younger? I see those little old ladies sitting on the same park bench every day and I wonder where their husbands are? They talk about them like they are still alive and maybe one day; I will get the courage to ask them.
I love listening to them and maybe, they know I am listening. They have given me lots of smile especially when they saw two women holding hands. Maybe, one day I’ll post that conservation.
Remember, I want to hear your answer who are they talking about? Who is the “him” in their conservation?