In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Super Sensitive.”

What one sense would I give up to make another sense more powerful? This may take some thinking to see which one I could actually do without.

The first sense would be my sight. I wouldn’t like it very much if my sense would go bye to be replace by another one that would be more powerful. I love having my sight, so that I can go up and down my steps without causing a scene. I love having my sight ,so that I can look at God’s magnificent views of the sun setting or rising, the breeze as it tickles my face on a sunny day, and mostly I love having my sight ,so that I am able to watch my grandson grow up into the handsome man that I know him will become.
No, I wouldn’t want to get rid of my sense of sight. I thank God every day when my eyes pop open that I can see the sights that will behold in front of me.

The next sense could be the sense of smell. Now, that would be nice to get rid of especially when the sense that I smell is something really bad. Then I stop to think of the sense of smell when roses are involved. I love to smell flowers as they spread their roots underneath and their beautiful vision above. This one might be a little hard to get rid especially when the smell is something that would be wonderful to the nose.

The next sense would be the sense of taste. To not be able to taste what I am putting in my mouth would be something that I would not like. I am not a fan of spicy food because it causes my stomach to be upset. I love to taste the greasiness of fried chicken and French fries that have been deep fried to perfection. No, not this one sense either would I like to part company with.

How about if I would let go of the sense of touch ,but what would happen if I put my hand down on a hot stove top without knowing it and end up burning my hand. For safety sake, no this is not one of the senses that I would let go of either.

What one sense would I let go just to make another sense more powerful? Sorry, to say I wouldn’t like to let any of my sense go since I think God did a wonderful job of creating us just the way we are. THANK YOU GOD!!