In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry….”

My last meal would be fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas and corn mixed, and cornbread. For desert, I would have chocolate cake with chocolate icing dripping down the side. Fried food and a sweet dessert would be a complete no no on my doctor’s diet, but since we are going to be dead tomorrow, who cares?

I always heard from my heart specialist that fried food is not good for me plus the usually thing such as caffeine, sugar, and the rest of the list that taste good going down. I am like the rest of the people that try to (not) listen to their doctor, but since this is the last night of my existence, I figure what would be wrong with going out with a good memory.

Fried chicken that seems to melt in your mouth from the softness of the meat plus the crunchy taste of the skin brings my mouth alive. Those two combines of taste makes my taste buds spring alive and stand up to salute what they are experiences. Mash potatoes buried in gravy is the only way that I will eat mash potatoes. I love the warm feeling of gravy as it drips downward out of the corner of your mouth and stings your taste buds alive with its warmth.

I love my vegetable, so any type of vegetable here would be fine with my like broccoli and cauliflower drenched in cheese or asparagus dripping with butter would delicious. Vegetables are my favorite part of the meal and vegetables seems to bring the whole meal to a complete end.

Cornbread steaming hot and smothered in butter brings my taste bud to full attention. I am not a fan of bread, but I will eat cornbread with my fried chicken each time. I love cornbread and fried chicken together as one meal enters my stomach area.

I would die with a full tummy of good, delicious food and add on top of that would be the chocolate cake topped off with chocolate icing dripping down the side.