In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blogger With a Cause.”

If someone took over my life and I could do anything for a day that would benefit my cause. My main cause that I would fight for more only if I more hours in a day and I had the first clue on how to go about making any positive reaction toward the cause is the homeless, hungry, and jobless.

I hate to think of the time that children are on the street when I am snuggly into my comfortable bed. I know that sometimes people go homeless and hungry because of their own choice. There is also the percent of families that don’t have a choice about the matter, but end up there anyway.

A company goes bankruptcy and the family is already living paycheck to paycheck is when life seems to crash around your feet. I was a single mother of three because my husband died at an early age and that is one thing I worried about. I feed my children first and made sure that they had their tummies full when they went out to play with their friends. I made sure that our rent was paid for the month, so that we had a place to live. I still worried about having no place to live and no food to feed my children.

I donate money to the shelter when I see them standing on the corner asking for money. I should keep their address and donate money on more of a monthly time progress not just when I see them asking for money. I should do it because I want to not just because they knocked me in the head by asking for money.

People that go without a permanent place to live and food for their belly lead a scary life. I for one could not live that way for a long time and yes, I know there are people that enjoy living that way. I love having a home to go to when I want to relax, to go to when I am sick, and a place to go to just simply call home. I love having the choice of what I am making for dinner and knowing that I could go out to the kitchen to prepare that food is not something that I worry about.

How about my readers? How would you feel about being homeless and not having enough food to eat?