In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ingredients.”

What is the one thing in my kitchen I can’t possibly cook without? Sorry, to say ladies, this is where the man folk say I am the perfect woman—I love sports, hate shopping especially for shoes (I have two pairs and they were both giving to me), and hate to talk on the phone. God has recently been pounding me in the head about gossiping and backstabbing (if you don’t want them to do it to you, why do it to them?) What is the one thing I can’t cook without? Since, I let my daughter cook because I hate to cook; here is my daughter’s and son’s response to this question!

My daughter said garlic and butter mixed together and rubbed into chicken. She puts garlic in everything since she heard it was good for the heart and guesses who has a heart problem? Little old me have a heart that can start to beat over the normal heart rate of 98. They actually got mine recorded at 250 beats a minute and yes, it wears me out when it goes fast like that.

My son said this one favorite pan that we got him for Christmas because everything that he used to cook would stick to the pain and come out in various shades of burned. Now, THANK GOD, he has this pan and food has actually started to taste better. Not delicious, but honestly he has got there for now he wants to cook all the time.

My sister said the one thing that she can’t cook without is someone else doing the cooking. Actually, my sister has crunchy spaghetti and her kids say whatever is in the frig on the night that she makes spaghetti goes into the pan. I honestly don’t want to know what is crunchy in the spaghetti. Do you?

My one thing that I can’t cook without in the kitchen would be cooking lessons. My cookies are the already made—just put them in the oven or for dinner, my kids grew up on those frozen meals. Sorry, to say this lady grew up in front of the television watching basketball or baseball instead of slaving over the hot oven.

Ask me if you want to hear about the time I made chocolate cookie dough in my mother’s kitchen? It will give you a chuckle for some time and if you have a teenage daughter, if she ever makes chocolate cookie dough be nice.